Classical Acupuncture Loosening Therapy


If your legs, feet, arms and fingers have long lasting numbness, our unique treatment can make your symptoms disappear or mitigate.
Ms. Yi Hong uses classical acupuncture loosening therapy to maintain good flow of your related nerves and blood vessels. Various nerve entrapment syndrome caused by paralysis of the main reasons. Loosening treatment of acupuncture can effectively stimulate the muscle and fascia, and this can release internal stress, reduce the entrapment of nerves and blood vessels, promote blood circulation, and improve damaged nerve.

Classical Acupuncture is based on traditional Chinese meridians, blood circulation, adjust the yin and yang theory, combined with modern anatomy, physiology, pathology, theory of soft tissue injury. His role is to clear the adhesions, scar release, eliminate soft tissue contracture, eliminate nerve entrapment, releasing abnormally high stress soft tissue, improve microcirculation, regulate the balance biomechanics, pathology displacement and deformity correction.

Peripheral nerve from the spinal nerve roots starting to dominate his organs trip, to go through a lot of “barriers.” One of the most typical is to be composed of certain nerve through the bone and fiber bundle “bone – fiber bundle” of the cone. And soft tissue lesions on – have a significant impact, “fibrous” canal diameter, lesions caused by the traumatic narrowing of the cone. Other soft tissue lesions, fibrous lesions, filling lesions, vascular plexus change, neuropathy, new biological entrapment. These are the main causes of peripheral nerve syndrome.

Common nerve entrapment syndrome

Suprascapular nerve entrapment syndrome. Cause: The strain caused by overactivity. Symptoms: Patients often feel the outside shoulder pain. Its persistent dull pain after exertion increase.
Pronator teres syndrome. Etiology: common forearm rotation by repeatedly. Symptoms: Patient rotating forearm pain, arm radial side three fingers numb.

Piriformis syndrome. Etiology: mainly soft tissue injuries. Symptom: When hip pain sciatica patients increased activity.

Carpal tunnel syndrome. Cause: median nerve dysfunction caused by compression. Symptoms: numbness and pain in the middle finger, fingers activities not working in the morning, especially the thumb the most obvious.
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