Acupuncture Treatment of Hypertension


High blood pressure is a artery blood pressure as the main performance of chronic disease, see more at old age. This disease has two kinds of primary and secondary. Primary hypertension by mental stimulation, mood swings, make higher nervous function disorder, subcortex vasodilation contraction central form fixed excited stove, systemic small artery spasm, each organ ischemia, especially kidney ischemia, cause a series of changes of fluid, and small arteries, blood pressure increased constancy.
Secondary hypertension is much by urinary system diseases, caused by intracranial disease and endocrine disorders, etc. The symptoms of primary hypertension.
Except for a few individual characteristics, general blood pressure 140/90 mm Hg or more can be diagnosed with high blood pressure, and more with dizziness, headache, stretching, tinnitus, palpitation; numb fingers, facial redness, irritability, insomnia. Examination shows left ventricular hypertrophy, aortic second sound hyperthyroidism; but also in the course of the symptoms of high blood pressure suddenly increased, a sharp rise in blood pressure, severe headache, tachycardia, blurred vision, angina, dyspnea, flushing or pale, etc. symptoms, for “hypertensive crisis”, common in advanced hypertension.
Whether primary or secondary, high blood pressure Why would it? Western medicine is now concluded: reasons not yet identified. Essential hypertension that there may be genetic factors, there may be individual factors. Doctors believe it now means not isolated in the end is what causes hypertension fact that they think high blood pressure can cause damage to the human heart, kidney function, so symptomatic treatment, taking dilation of blood vessels way to reduce blood pressure, reduce heart, lung, kidney burden. This is the method of Western medicine treatment of hypertension.
Its role is a single, high blood pressure because it makes your blood vessels pressure, and with the method of dilation of blood vessels, as long as the medication, blood vessels expand, the pressure is reduced, the blood pressure will come down, and you feel comfortable . It is because treatment for unity, determines the efficiency of Western medicine treatment of hypertension is very high, a lot of medicine to go down on the tubes.
Chinese medicine how to treat it? Chinese medicine have different views on the treatment of hypertension. Hypertension TCM can be summarized: hyperactivity, is the clinical manifestations of dizziness; sputum silt, confused, numb limbs, spleen and stomach. All these symptoms can occur we call high blood pressure. So Chinese medicine in the treatment of hypertension what to see it first? The clinical manifestations of dizziness, palpitation, numbness in the hand, and even convulsions of these symptoms, TCM will analyze what causes you. If hyperactivity, then you have to use Yu Yin and Yang approach is to make up your yin and yang balance, let’s go up yang could be down, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment of hypertension. If it is weak stomach, this time hyperactivity is a phenomenon, and spleen and stomach is the main contradiction of time, we must approach with spleen Qi.
Especially if you eat more, especially lipid thick, low pressure is particularly high, belonging sputum silt each knot, then we have to use Chinese medicine phlegm Stasis approach.
That is, the same was diagnosed with high blood pressure, Chinese medicine treatment is necessary according to each person’s situation, different treatment. Chinese medicine according to different clinical characteristics, different states. Traditional look, smell, and asked, checking the pulse mode manner, combine judgment, to be adjusted. If high blood pressure is caused by hyperactivity, up yin yang lowering blood pressure can be down. If it is the result of sputum silt each knot, it shows you where the blood vessels have become thick, the need to increase pressure on the blood vessels, the blood pressure to be able to restore the elasticity of blood vessels to be able to enter the normal state of the process.
There are many points of the human body, and patients with hypertension is often used acupuncturepoints: hegu, quchi, shenyu, qihai, guanyuan, zusanli, fenglong, jiexi, fengchi, yinlingquan, guangming, xiaxi,sanyinjiao, taixi, yumen,xingjian. In practice, the patient should be dialectical acupoints. Acupuncture for the treatment of hypertension have a positive effect, and safe, non-toxic side effects. Acupuncture for the treatment of hypertension can play the role of two-way adjustment, but the exact mechanism remains to be further understood. Acupuncture Acupuncture by dredging meridians, regulate the role of blood in order to achieve a smooth step-down purposes. Studies have shown that acupuncture can repair the vascular endothelium, reduce plasma levels of endothelin, inhibiting the role of sympathetic nerve activity, causing blood vessels to dilate, blood pressure decreased significantly. Acupuncture Zusanli, can significantly reduce high blood pressure. Information about the acupuncture treatment of  Hypertension  , please visit our website at
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