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Acupuncture treatment of back pain

Low back pain is lower back pain as a side or both sides of the main symptoms of the disorder. Western medicine kidney disease, rheumatism, muscle strain, spine and spinal cord diseases caused by low back pain. Suffering from back pain should first pay attention to lifestyle changes, appropriate to wear shoes with a heel, […]

Acupuncture treatment of bronchitis

Bronchitis refers to the trachea, bronchial mucosa and chronic non-specific inflammation of the surrounding tissue. Bronchitis, the main cause of chronic non-specific bronchial inflammation and recurrent viral infection bacteria. When the temperature drops, ischemic airway spasm of small blood vessels, defense function decline in favor of pathogenic; smoke and dust, air pollution and other chronic […]

Acupuncture Treatment of frequent urination

Normal adult daytime urination 4-6 times, 0-2 times a night, significantly increased frequency of urination said. A variety of reasons can cause increased frequency of urination, but no pain, also known as frequent urination. Causes more frequent urination, including neuropsychological factors, weak after the illness, parasites. Chinese medicine, frequent urination in children is mainly due […]

Acupuncture treatment of chronic pharyngitis

Pharyngeal mucosa of chronic pharyngitis, chronic inflammation and submucosal lymphoid tissue. Diffuse pharyngeal airway inflammation often part of the chronic inflammation; inflammation of the pharynx limitations are much more pharyngeal lymphoid tissue inflammation. The disease is common in clinical practice, longer duration of symptoms is a recurring problem. Systemic symptoms are not obvious to the […]

Acupuncture treatment of tenosynovitis

Tendon sheath is set on the outside of the sleeve-like double-sealed tube synovium, synovial tendon sheath to protect. It is divided into two levels encircled the tendon, a cavity that is between the two synovial cavity, there synovial tendon sheath. Close conformity with the inner tendon and outer liner inside the sheath to the tendon […]

Acupuncture treatment of children with cerebral palsy

Cause of children with cerebral palsy have a lot of specific summarized as follows: parents smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, mother suffering from mental illness, diabetes during pregnancy, vaginal bleeding, pregnancy-induced hypertension, placenta previa, threatened abortion or birth control pills drug treatment of infertility, miscarriage and other drugs; yield times, premature birth, abortion, twins and other […]

Acupuncture treatment of cold hands and feet

Acupuncture treatment of cold hands and feet Weather cold, the body will feel cold, cold hands and feet in particular, can not stand. This case is the Chinese medicine called “yang.” Cold hands and feet and heart blood vessels have a great relationship. Once the function of the cardiovascular system dysfunctional, it will affect the […]

Acupuncture treatment of stiff neck

Acupuncture treatment of stiff neck Stiff neck is a common disease, occurs in young adults, more common in winter and spring. After the onset of stiff neck is a common experience no symptoms before going to sleep, but felt pain after the item back clear early morning, neck activity. This shows that the disease starting […]

Acupuncture treatment of hemorrhoids

Acupuncture treatment of hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids is a common anorectal disease, treatment is very complex, because of its pathological features, resulting in its repeated attacks more difficult to cure. Hemorrhoids is a common disease located in the anal region, any age can be the disease, but with age, the incidence rate increased gradually. Hemorrhoids are pathological […]

Acupuncture treatment of melasma

Acupuncture treatment of melasma Melasma is a common acquired pigmentation a place in the face of calm and class affect the beauty spots of skin disorders, facial appear brown or gray-black pigmentation patches, not above the skin, and more common on both sides of the dorsum symmetrical distribution characteristics. Because the shape of butterfly-shaped, Stain […]