Acupuncture treatment of facial paralysis

Facial paralysis occurs suddenly, often without warning. Clinical manifestations of facial paralysis, can not close your eyes, half of his face slack, crooked mouth, drooling, watery eyes, eyebrows can not lift, ear pain. Facial paralysis disorder regardless of gender and age, the most prone to winter. The incubation period is usually about a week before the onset patients, generally after by the cold or cool breeze blowing history of ear disease, some patients before the onset of ear pain or ear weeks, also in patients with migraine with aura symptoms.


If you get timely treatment of facial paralysis prognosis is usually good, approximately 70% of percent of patients can gradually recover or heal in 2-6 weeks. If not treated promptly, the facial nerve muscle function recovery is not complete, there will be facial paralysis after-effects, such as facial muscle atrophy, half face tight, face twisted to one side and so on, the side of the eye uncontrolled closure. These are the faces paralysis sequelae.


Facial paralysis disease is caused by a variety of human viruses, resulting in damage to the facial nerve, neuritis changes, ischemic edema, or even change the facial nerve degeneration, causing muscle tissue surrounding a neurological disease with varying degrees of denervation phenomenon . The development of the disease and many diseases, there is an acute progressive stage, called early in the disease.


Many facial paralysis patients in this period for treatment. During this period, the degree of dysfunction of the facial nerve injury, the degree of muscle tissue around the nerve and loss are at disposal from light to heavy process of rapid development in this period can be given if the correct acupuncture can really receive relatively good effect, and to shorten the course, it plays an important role in improving the cure rate, indicating that acupuncture treatment of facial paralysis disease through early intervention can reduce virus-induced invasion momentum slowed neuritic changes and edema, improve ischemic state, slowing and curbing disease trends, as soon as possible to achieve the purpose of gradual rehabilitation. And those who have missed the early treatment of patients, especially at higher lesion virus damages nerve segment and heavier patients, not only slow recovery, longer duration, and because of the facial nerve injury severe, even to the extent of denaturation, the final can not completely cure sequelae shape, indicating that acupuncture treatment of facial paralysis disease with early intervention better.


Speaking from the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture treatment of facial paralysis early intervention is in line with traditional Chinese medicine both diseases anti-change of ideas, but also played a role in the early acupuncture treatment characteristics. Therefore we can say is the best time facial paralysis early acupuncture treatment.


①, the acute phase, the incidence within one week. This inflammation of the facial nerve edema progression. This period of partial facial paralysis acupuncture treatment in less acupoints, should be shallow stab, weak stimulation, or local non-acupoints acupoints and to follow by far the main treatment, good control of the disease progression. This period to avoid strong stimulation, caution EA (electro hemp instrument) treatment.


②, recovery, time of onset in 1-4 weeks. Acupuncture treatment of facial paralysis affected area acupuncture points and acupoints associated with adjuvant treatment from Meridian distal end, this period is a critical time of treatment of facial paralysis.


③, sequelae. The incidence of three months to more than six months (recovery between one month to three months). This period of severe, intractable disorders acupuncture deep puncture, through hole or EA to increase the amount of stimulation, and in accordance with sequelae like symptomatic select points, with a variety of therapies, there is still some recovery action


These are the general steps for acupuncture treatment. Seen in practice be adjusted depending on the condition of the patient. Based on my experience of treatment of facial paralysis, in each acupuncture treatment, with bloodletting acupuncture can improve the therapeutic effect, shorten the treatment period. Information about the acupuncture treatment of facial paralysis, please visit our website at
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