Acupuncture treatment of children with cerebral palsy

Cause of children with cerebral palsy have a lot of specific summarized as follows: parents smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, mother suffering from mental illness, diabetes during pregnancy, vaginal bleeding, pregnancy-induced hypertension, placenta previa, threatened abortion or birth control pills drug treatment of infertility, miscarriage and other drugs; yield times, premature birth, abortion, twins and other multiple births, fetal growth retardation, intrauterine infection, poor fetal distress, placental abruption, placental function, cord around the neck, forceps delivery, breech births long labor, premature children or expired births and low birth weight children, aspiration pneumonia after birth asphyxia, hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, kernicterus, intracranial hemorrhage, infection, poisoning and malnutrition.
The main symptoms: dyskinesia motion self-control is poor, serious is not grasping things with both hands, feet do not walk, and some will not even stand up, not sit, not stand, not normal chewing and swallowing. Posture disorders of various abnormal posture, poor posture stability, three months can not head straight strong, accustomed to one side or the left and right rocking back and forth. Children do not like bathing, washing hands is not easy to break apart fist. Mental retardation children accounted for about 1/4 of normal intelligence, intelligence mild, moderate deficiency accounts for about 1/2 of severe mental retardation account for about 1/4. Language barriers language difficulties, lisp or stutter. Within visual perspective and sound sleep disorder rhythm difficult to identify the most common. Stunted growth small. Tooth developmental disorders loose texture, easy to break. Orofacial dysfunction, facial muscles and tongue muscles sometimes uncoordinated contractions or spasms, difficulty chewing and swallowing, difficulty closing the mouth and drooling. Emotional and behavioral disorders stubborn, headstrong, irritability, withdrawal, mood swings, sometimes compulsive, self-injurious, invasive behavior. 39% to 50% of children with cerebral palsy due to the fixed lesions in the brain and induce seizures, particularly severe mental retardation in children.
Acupuncture therapy is a strong stimulation by dormant brain cells re-activate it, such nerve stimulation could activate a strong reflex can be excited cerebral cortex, accelerate blood flow, so damaged in a semi-dormant state cell recovery, even to the normal metabolism of brain cells: the potential to stimulate cell activation state, because, although brain cell damage is final, but the activation of compensatory damage cells ability to the maximum limit, so the brain is activated compensatory acupuncture treatment function is fundamental law.
Therapeutic effect of acupuncture is mainly reflected in the reflecting surface from the outside Meridian – related laws of organs between points within the pathological response is from the outside reflects the internal organs – the body surface by the relevant laws and pathologic contact points between . Acupuncture treatment of cerebral palsy is mainly reflected the impact of acupuncture on the nervous system function in:
1. Effect of acupuncture on peripheral nerve function: The basic function of peripheral nerves are sensory stimulation, the impulse conduction. Acid-soluble phosphorus after acupuncture zoo, phospholipids phosphorus reduction, nucleic acid phosphorus increased, phosphorus and protein had no significant change, just with acupuncture promoting metabolism nerve regeneration and functional recovery are closely related. A large number of experiments show that the role of acupuncture on peripheral nerve caused excitement, generate nerve impulses caused by the incoming center various adjustments reactions.
2, acupuncture on the lower parts of the central nervous system. Experiments confirmed that acupuncture points: neiguan, hegu, Zusanli cause forefinger eliminate fatigue and improve blood circulation and other effects. A large number of experiments confirmed that acupuncture excitatory or inhibitory effect on the various reflex regulation center in the spinal cord may be the primary reaction to adjust the effectiveness of acupuncture in these parts caused.
3, the impact of acupuncture on the brain stem reticular formation function: Acupuncture on the lower brain stem. Acupuncture: gongsun, zusanli , people “and other gastrointestinal motility induced enhancement points in between spinal and bulbar after transection does not occur, but if you do not operate in the case of nerves and spinal cord removal only of the brain, then Effect of acupuncture can only reach part of the brain stem, but its role in regulating blood pressure could occur. experimental results demonstrate a significant effect of acupuncture regulation center of the brainstem level can occur at all levels, and by changing the functional state of the central way to achieve . it acupuncture body function adjustment hypothalamus regulative mechanism under: a large number of experiments show that acupuncture points can certainly influence the hypothalamic thermoregulation, water balance and the central function of the pituitary gonadotropin secretion activity under further proved thalamus bow. shaped nucleus in acupuncture analgesia, especially acupuncture suppress pain reaction in a very important position and influence of acupuncture on the hypothalamus of the brain: the change thorn in the nature and perception of the body acupuncture stimulation on the brain. of cortical functions: needle healthy Zusanli, gu or bilateral Futu hole can cause α and β wave wave is suppressed increase, and found different acupuncture techniques, which causes abnormal EEG changes also considerable evidence that acupuncture. the corresponding parts of the cerebral cortex can generate excitement or stove and spread to form new links with other conditions reflex center in the cortex of a certain range, resulting in a variety of adjustment effects.
Treatment of children with cerebral palsy. Acupuncture and massage combination of methods to improve bad posture in children, correct limb deformities, promote blood circulation, stimulate limb nerve development. Application of scalp and also promote nerve cell metabolism point injection drug method, promote brain development, nutrition, brain cells, and promote intellectual development. Select acupuncture points: baihui, dazhui, shenshu, ganshu, pishu, zusanli, guanyuan. Head acupuncture select: sports area, can be equipped to take language Second District, Third District, depending on the area, balance area, dance tremor areas. Information about the acupuncture treatment of  children with cerebral palsyPlease call Adelaide Yihong Acupuncture Clinic or visit our website at