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Yi Hong acupuncture pain clinic in Adelaide is the most unique. Ms. Yi Hong has over 20 years of clinical experience in acupuncture. Follow my facebook and I will share the stories for you.

Let us introduce ourselves

Adelaide Yihong Acupuncture

Ms. Yi Hong is a registered acupuncturist in Australia. She is a very reliable acupuncturist as she has 20 years of clinical experience in the treatment of acupuncture. She has her unique insight for the treatment of pain disease. She is very experienced in the treatment of especially chronic pain in cervical, shoulder, elbow, paint joints, back, and waist.

After years of practice and exploration, Ms. Yi Hong created her own “Fast  pain relief therapy.” By using this therapy, an immediate effect can be seen when treating general pain disease.

If your legs, feet, arms, and fingers have long-lasting numbness, our unique treatment can make your symptoms disappear or mitigate. Ms. Yi Hong uses classical acupuncture loosening therapy to maintain a good flow of your related nerves and blood vessels.

A treatment plan which is tailored for you

If you have a chronic disease, we enhance a treatment plan which is tailored for you.

A new type of needle stick can be placed on acupuncture points which enables continuous treatment of the disease by up to 48 hours. Prolonged acupuncture treatment time greatly improves the therapeutic effect of acupuncture. You can even exercise or sleep with the needle stick (under doctor’s recommendations), without any discomfort or pain.

Ms. Yi Hong was born in a Chinese medicine family. She had earlier followed Acupuncture master Mr. Zhao Xi An and learned acupuncture and moxibustion. She then followed the Taoist successor Mr. Ge Xin Pu to further her acupuncture skills. Ms. Yi Hong also holds an acupuncturist vocational qualification certificate in the Republic of China. After she migrated to Australia in 2009, she held several charity treatments in Adelaide Yihong Acupuncture Clinic so far.

Why Choose Us

  • Ms. Yi Hong is 20 years of clinical experience acupuncturist. Original creation “fast pain relief therapy” can be seen an immediately curative effect.
  • Ms. Yi Hong uses the classical acupuncture, make the legs, feet, arms, finger numbness, disappear or reduce.
  • Ms. Yi Hong enhanced acupuncture therapy, which greatly improves the efficacy of acupuncture, which is beyond the reach of ordinary acupuncture effect.
  • If you are afraid of acupuncture, we choose intradermal needle for you. You completely eliminate fear. Enjoy acupuncture treatment effect.

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