Acupuncture treatment of varicose veins

varicose veins

Varicose veins of lower extremity venous reflux disease belongs. Since the force of gravity, lower limb blood flow occurs thy direction back in the opposite direction, causing blood stasis venous system, resulting in lower extremity veins tortuous expansion, coupled with the venous valvular insufficiency, lower limb appear worm-like projections. Varicose veins, mainly in the elderly, modern research shows that factors in addition to long-term standing, sitting about varicose veins and long, there is a certain relationship with estrogen. And different from men, women varicose veins occur mostly in urban office crowd.
Varicose veins incidence rate of 20% to 40%. The etiology and pathogenesis has not yet been fully elucidated. Vein wall strength is weak, venous insufficiency, venous hypertension are important factors in the formation of pathological. But these pathological changes, what is the cause or the consequence of varicose veins, the medical profession is currently no consensus. Heavy manual labor, long-term or long-term work sitting knees workers, repeated muscle contractions or pressure, blood run blocked, local muscle ischemia and hypoxia, over time, will produce myofascial trigger point. Early on, in order compensatory “second heart” function, early gastrocnemius muscle fibers will be thicker, showing legs thicker, the patient will feel the calf soreness, heaviness, pain or knee discomfort. Secondly, the intramuscular intravenous increased pressure will cause superficial capillary vein dilation. Thus, it is easy to be found in lower extremity veins exposed. Over time, the muscle fibers decreased flexibility, muscle harden, causing an overall decline in the gastrocnemius muscle contraction. Thicker muscles harden further continued oppression of the local arterial pressure leading to ischemia, can cause cramps; intravenous further increase the pressure, can cause thick legs thicker veins and bending. Thus, the formation of a significant varicose veins. Patients may also have near the ankle, lower leg swelling, eczema or itching, and even ulcers.
Clinical manifestations: patients with varicose veins after standing a little longer, limb soreness, numbness, fatigue, heaviness, superficial veins bulge, tortuous expansion, even curled into a group, significantly lower leg and ankle and foot. Longer duration, severe varicose veins complicated by thrombosis of superficial phlebitis, local pain. Tenderness skin, varicose veins showing hard streak. Treads district nutrition skin changes, skin atrophy, scaling, color felt, itching and even eczema and ulcers (commonly known as the old rotten legs). Such as ulcers unhealed for many years, there may be malignant, and even cause systemic disease. Venous thrombus and calcified stones after; varicose ulcer due to erosion or trauma can cause rupture, acute life-threatening bleeding.
For the treatment of this disease, modern medicine mainly uses a variety of surgical therapy. However, the recurrence rate of surgery, costs expensive. In this regard, TCM believes that this disease is mainly caused by blood movement is not smooth, the use of internal and external treatment combination of methods, the use of acupuncture and moxibustion, with traditional Chinese medicine, and some complementary therapies such as massage, cupping, qi and blood circulation as the main principle of treatment for mild to moderate varicose veins, there are significant effect. Acupuncture can be a partial release muscle tension, relieve pressure on the blood vessels, associated myofascial trigger point inactivation can improve muscle contraction, enhance and gradually restore its “second heart” function. With traditional Chinese medicine, can improve local blood circulation, promote metabolism, nutrient supply to protect local muscle and skin, therefore, can eliminate pain, swelling and cramps, skin pigmentation so slowly returning to normal. For patients with mild varicose veins, acupuncture treatment has a considerable advantage.
Chinese medicine believes that the disease because of congenital lack of blood, tendons weak, long walks, long-standing, overwork, further damage tendons, resulting in substandard meridians, blood running sluggish, congestion block context, dilation of blood vessels, falling staggered coiled together. The shape is similar to the course of time the tumor. There are also tired after walking in the water, the rain wet invasion, suffered cold, causing varicose tendons.
Acupuncture treatment: Take limb varicose veins of the oppression of the meridian, the implementation of acupuncture treatment, patients generally varicose veins more oppression spleen and kidney, acupuncture acupoints:  taixi, sanyinjiao,zhubin,yingu,xuehai,chengshan . Fire needle therapy: After topical varicose veins protruding fire needle prick, local cupping, can be removed if there is congestion. Bloodletting: varicose veins in place, with Needle prick bleeding orders, even ejection to himself for the degree, and then pull out cupping in congestion, treating every 10-15 days. Information about the acupuncture treatment of Varicose veins  , please visit our website at


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