Acupuncture treatment stroke sequela

Stroke sequela

Stroke high early mortality, about half of patients die within a few days of onset. Stroke has a very high mortality and morbidity, mainly divided into hemorrhagic stroke (cerebral hemorrhage or subarachnoid hemorrhage) and ischemic stroke (cerebral infarction} survivors are left with varying degrees of movement disorders, cognitive disorders, speech disorders, swallowing complications. on ischemic stroke patients with hemiplegia clinical sequelae main. occurred in the 50 years of age, men slightly more than women.
Stroke sequelae main hemiplegia (hemiplegia), unilateral limb disorders, numbness, hemianopia, aphasia. Or cross paralysis, sensory disturbances cross external ophthalmoplegia, nystagmus, speech impairment, memory loss, crooked mouth, difficulty swallowing, choking water, food choking, dizziness and headache. The root causes of these symptoms that occur within the cerebral blood viscosity, high blood lipids, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, blood platelet aggregation and other diseases, and atherosclerosis plaque formation of vascular lesions, formed by the two diseases combined effect results cerebral arterial blockage caused by blood clots, resulting in the interruption of blood flow and cerebral ischemic brain tissue hypoxia and necrosis. If affected by the brain to control movement of the nervous system, there will be a corresponding sequela hemiplegia, limb disorders; if affects the brain controlling language of the central nervous system, and even language barriers can lead to aphasia and other relevant neurological symptoms.
For the treatment of stroke sequelae, modern medicine is mainly for controlling the patient’s blood pressure, diet, nutrition nerve really taking medication for the disease, taking medication to reduce blood lipids and blood viscosity, limb rehabilitation. Means for comparing a single treatment, the treatment is not particularly effective. Healing effect is not good. Patients are often left serious consequences. Resulting in permanent disability. Means of acupuncture treatment of stroke sequelae varied. And the effect is very satisfactory. They tend to have a magical effect. These are the modern medicine can not be compared.

Traditional Chinese Medicine to Treat principle

1. limb weakness: This symptom performance. One or both limbs slight limb paralysis. Weak limbs soft weakness, the symptoms are mainly nourish the liver and kidney strong bones.
2 limb paralysis: the performance of this disease. Limbs completely paralyzed on one side or both sides. Muscle relaxation, muscle weakness. Treatment of this symptom is through meridians, promoting blood circulation
3. limb atrophy: The manifestations of this disease, paralysis of limbs atrophy symptoms. This condition should be adjusted to the qi and blood, spleen and kidney.
4. The body surface temperature is low: this disease symptom is paralysis of the limb surface temperature is cold. Lower than the temperature of other parts of the body. Such symptoms should be through the meridians, applies moxibustion therapy.
More than four symptoms, which can appear in the same patient. It may occur alone treatment should be adjusted according to the actual situation of the disease. From the point of care should be taken to select different meridians approach. Paralysis of the distal part of the treatment from a distance. That is when the left limb paralysis occurs, treatment should select the point in the right limb meridians. When the right limb paralysis occurs, treatment should be selected in the left limb of the meridian points, select alternate treatment sites.
Further stroke sequelae also consider other symptoms. Such as facial paralysis, difficulty swallowing, University of incontinence, mental retardation, loss of language skills, foot valgus, foot inside turn. Comprehensive management. Acupuncture should intervene in time after the acute phase.
Early intervention can significantly reduce or eliminate side effects. Information about the acupuncture treatment of  stroke sequela, please visit our website
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