Spine  Corrective Therapy

If your spine is bent, the shoulders are not at the same height, the head is skewed, the hump is bent and the knees are deformed, we use the unique Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion technique to help you restore normal body shape. 80% of patients can be done immediately see the effect
When a certain part of the spine deviates from the normal spinal axis, is scoliosis. The spine of the spine in the newborn is forward bending, with sitting, walking and other functional development, and gradually formed a cervical, lumbar spine forward bending, thoracic, sacral spine bending backward Four physiological bending. To complete the maintenance of human body balance, buffer, absorb shock, support the internal organs and many other physiological functions. Spina lateral in normal circumstances without bending, once any bending, are considered as pathological changes, scoliosis in addition to scoliosis deformities, often accompanied by the rotation of the spine and convex side of the ribs and other deformities kyphosis, severe cases also Can cause cardiopulmonary, digestive and nervous system of a series of changes, it is more than that scoliosis syndrome. Clinically seen due to unequal lower limbs, shoulders uneven (scapular one high and one low side of the chest collapse, one side of the back uplift (Razorback), one side of the body to form wrinkles, one side of the body to the elbow distance Such as the emergence of spinal deformity.
Classification of scoliosis
1. Structural scoliosis: spine irreversible scoliosis with vertebral rotation.
2. Non-structural scoliosis: also known as functional scoliosis or postural scoliosis, is reversible scoliosis.
Scoliosis level:
1. Mild scoliosis: scoliosis is less than 20 degrees. Generally, less than 10 degrees can be regarded as the normal range.
2. Moderate scoliosis: scoliosis in the 20 to 40 degrees or 50 degrees.
3. Severe scoliosis: scoliosis greater than 40 or 50 degrees. Most with degenerative arthritis of the spine, if the scoliosis is greater than 60 or 70 degrees, often resulting in cardiopulmonary dysfunction.
Non-structural causes of scoliosis: long and short legs. Habitual bad posture, such as a backpack. Spinal muscle tension on both sides of the unbalanced, so that the spine to the side of the bend. Due to pain caused by compensatory scolioses, such as intervertebral disc cartilage. Causes of Structural Scoliosis: Unexplained. Approximately 80% of scoliosis, usually during puberty, may occur at a younger age. Neuromuscular diseases, such as cerebral palsy, polio and so on. Scoliosis assessment, the general scoliosis of the patient will appear the following: • The shoulder is not as high on both sides of the side of the scapula prominent side of the hip prominent pelvic tilt. If the structure of scoliosis, when the patient bent forward, the scoliosis situation will be more obvious.
Scoliosis can be divided into:
1. C-type: the spine bent into a positive C or inverted C, accounting for 70% of general scoliosis.
2. S-type: spine bent into S-shaped, accounting for 30% of general scoliosis.
What are the hazards of scoliosis?
Scoliosis affects the patient’s morphology and psychology. Orthopedic experts said that the general scoliosis is difficult to find in the early stages, many patients are waiting until there is a clear deformity, the occurrence of spinal curvature, back asymmetry uplift, chest back phenomenon, many patients with chest back uplift A rib peak, also known as the Razorback only to be found, then the patient’s shape has been significantly affected, self-confidence frustrated, is not conducive to mental health. Scoliosis can cause patients short stature, not a long one. Orthopedic experts say, suffering from scoliosis, spine curve growth will affect the body. Scoliosis will also affect the patient’s heart and lung health. This is also scoliosis which are the hazards of which point, due to scoliosis occurred in the thoracolumbar majority, may oppress the lungs, there will be lung dysfunction, with scoliosis increased, may also affect the circulation, the emergence of cardiac function Obstacles, activity is slightly larger that there palpitation shortness of breath.
Scoliosis may affect lifespan. Orthopedic experts say that the general health of patients with severe scoliosis greatly damaged the long run, there is a life-long paralysis of the critical, quality of life decreased significantly, the average life expectancy is shorter than normal.
Correct posture is a simple but very important method of keeping a healthy mind and body. When we maintain the correct posture, your body is in line with its own running laws. This can alleviate some of the common problems, such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, and fatigue. The correct posture is conducive to maintaining good health, at the same time, stand straight, sit side can improve your behavior, improve self-confidence.  Correctly assessing someone’s posture also allows you to understand the cause behind the injury. In addition, if a patient has problems with the knee, hip, or ankle, this is likely to be due to problems in other parts of the body, and assessing the posture can help you identify these problems. When assessing posture, it is necessary to observe both sides of the body to see if there is a change from one side to the other. The assessment relates to muscle groups, contours, lengths of various parts of the body, and any errors in the posture. You need a comprehensive assessment of walking and sitting when the front and back of the situation.
Identify good posture. Good posture is nothing more than to keep the body in a coordinated posture. Good standing, including back straight, shoulders flat, chin lift, chest, abdomen. If you connect your earlobe, shoulder, hip, knee to the middle of the ankle is a straight line. Spine There are two natural curves you need to keep, called double C or S-shaped curves. These curves on the back are also called lordosis and posterior kyphosis. Labyrinth curve is the treatment of the lumbar spine, the angle of increase is the lumbar lordosis. The kyphotic curve appears at the thoracic vertebrae, which is the curve from the base of the head to the shoulder and from the dorsum to the floor of the spine. When standing straight, make sure your weight is evenly distributed on both feet. You may feel that you are leaning forward, you may even feel strange, but in fact not. Chiropractic is a combination of philosophy and science. In the guiding ideology, pay attention to the overall study of the human body, pay attention to the internal organs and tissues of the human body to find a way to maintain and repair the physical and physical balance. Under the guidance of this idea, chiropractic is not a simple system to adjust the spine of the way, but the overall macro-balance from the human eye, to understand the mysteries of the human body, and then from scientific experiments to find the basis to achieve Adjust the balance of purpose. This method of adjustment not only for the spine safe and effective, but also related to the body of each muscle and joint, involving a variety of physiological balance. This understanding of the human body and regulation, you can achieve the delicate realm.
The spine is the second lifeline of the human body, occupies the central part of the human body, affecting human health. 68% of children with spinal abnormalities, varying degrees of the incidence of scoliosis up to 20%, while 80% of adults a headache, back pain, low back pain and numbness of hands and feet actually derived from adolescent spinal abnormalities. It is based on the hypothesis that the health of the body depends partly on the normal functioning of the nervous system, emphasizing that the body is an organism that is self-regulating and self-healing. The function of the body by the brain, spinal cord and the nerves throughout the body control young people, due to rapid growth and very active, most likely to cause damage to the spine. As the young spine flexibility is very high, this damage is extremely hidden. Into adulthood, heavy manual labor or violent, inappropriate sports is also caused by spinal injury, an important factor in degradation. If the young have some damage, usually in the middle period began to have more obvious symptoms. Old age, the symptoms will become increasingly evident.
The body is a self-regulation, self-repair of the organism. The function of the body is controlled and coordinated by the brain, the spinal cord, and the nerves throughout the body. Removable spinal nerves on the conduction pathways play a protective role, in particular, the fragile nerve root of the spinal cord and walk between the two vertebrae spinal nerve, spinal loss of normal movement and location can damage the nerve function, leading to tissue and Organ dysfunction. Spinal correction is to change the function of the spine to eliminate its impact on the nervous system. The method of vertebral correction is to find the spine that is dysfunctional and remove its effects on the nerves, bringing the body back to a healthy state.
Yihong acupuncturist correction of the spine first of your body shape to conduct an overall assessment. According to the actual state of the use of traditional Chinese acupuncture on the impact of spinal deformation of the muscles and fascia for effective release, to eliminate the stretch force to restore the natural form of the spine, fundamentally eliminate the factors affecting physical symptoms. This method of treatment differs from that of therapies that are now commonly treated for spinal curvature. Safe and reliable results with significant features.