Gua Sha

Scraping is a traditional Chinese medicine meridians and acupoints theory. It works with a special instrument and the corresponding technique, repeatedly scraping the surface friction, so that local skin red military, or dark red bleeding points “a fever” change. Clear toxins: a fever process of scraping therapy allows local tissue height congestion, blood vessels and nerves stimulated, blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood and lymph circulation fast, phagocytosis and transport capacity enhanced to speed up the body of waste, toxins cleanup. This is to achieve the purpose of treating disease.

Scrapping can be fever, like fever, skin pores are blocked, after scrapping to make the pores open, which the wind chill can be excreted, it has the anti-fever effect. Gua Sha also anti-inflammatory: inflammatory local congestion, swelling and accumulation of metabolic products of performance, after scraping to local blood circulation is improved, the metabolism is also accelerated, partial pathological products, such as bacteria, toxins can be excreted out faster, so inflammation can be dissipated. The scrapping of this anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory drugs is not the same, scrapping through improved blood circulation, promote metabolism, enhance the ability of self-regulation achieved in vivo anti-inflammatory effect.

Scrapping therapy through the use of edge tools , it can make the points congest by scrapping the meridians , channels and points on the surface of the skin so as to improve the partial microcirculation and dredge the channels and meridians , regulate the surplus blood , invigorate the circulation of blood , make the hearts and lungs healthy , relieve rheumatic pains and cold , eliminate the bump and relieve the pain , stimulate and improve the immunity and protection abilities of the human body , and serve the purpose of health care and curing the diseases.

Measles scratching is not suitable for people who have the emergent disease and skin disease.

Scrapping leaves bright red marks on the patient ‘ s skin that will last for several days.

Regular use of the quality of the jade period scrapping plate qi huoxue helps unclog the meridian and no side – effects.

scrapping when the force should be uniform and drink a cup of warm water to renew moisture before and after measles scratching