Fast Pain Relief

If you have annoying pain, we quickly eliminate the pain for you. Under normal circumstances, you can feel the effect immediately.

Ms Yi Hong often uses acupuncture as her primary method of treatment. Skills include classical umbilical acupuncture and traditional acupuncture needle. After nearly 20 years of clinical practice and exploration, the use of traditional acupuncture techniques and modern medical theory, Ms Yi Hong can now practise a unique “quick to pain therapy.” This kind of therapy is suitable to treat cervical spondylosis, shoulder, joint, back, waist, legs, feet movement pain and any chronic pain.

“Fast pain relief  therapy” is devoted to the treatment of acute and chronic pain disease. Ms.Yihong  summed up after years of clinical practice. He is characterized by quick, wide adaptability, simple operation. For most painful disease, we can see the effect immediately. His core was precise positioning, the bull’s-eye treatment, overall adjustment. It carried forward the concept of medicine as a whole. We attach great importance to the unity and integrity of the human body, and the relationship between humans and nature. That the human body is an organic whole, between the various components of the body’s constitution, indivisible in the structure, complement each other in function, mutual coordination involved in pathology, influence each other. This idea itself integrity, unity and external environment is the essence of traditional Chinese medicine.

“Fast pain relief therapy” is a combination treatment. It uses positioning, targeting, adjust the three-step therapy. Feature: positioning accuracy: the use of meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine, sports medicine theory, anatomy theory, to determine the site of injury and organs. Through parts of the body pain, limb limited extent, dysfunction action, determine the nature of the injury site pain geometric space. hit the target: to intensive soft tissue injury treatment. Such as acupuncture, loosening, bloodletting and so on. Adjustment: According to TCM meridian theory, dialectical clear the meridians, promoting blood circulation.

Chinese medicine believes that the body of each local position can reflect the overall situation. Pain disease mainly chi and blood running disorder. The treatment of pain disease blood circulation is the core, followed by clear the meridians. The acupuncture treatment of pain is often inadequate attention to blood circulation. So the treatment period is longer. For more information regarding “fast pain relief therapy”, please call  adelaide yihong acupuncture clinic, you can send us your queries through our online contact page.