Acupuncture treatment of migraine


Migraine is a common acute headache. Many migraine patients, although taking a lot of painkillers, but the treatment effect is not obvious. Often the pain is frequent after relapse, and repeatedly, which makes patients miserable. Migraine is a common acute headache. Since the onset of pain, vasomotor dysfunction, and certain body fluids caused by a temporary change in substance. Cause is not yet clear. Approximately 50% of patients have a family history, and more common in women. The clinical manifestations: visual hallucinations, hallucinations, hemianopia and other disorders of brain function briefly appears before the attack. Mostly on one side of headache, often limited to the frontal, temporal, and occipital. When the pain began to severe volatility pain, to persistent dull pain. It could attack at any time. But in the morning, or nervous, angry after the disease. Symptoms that last several hours to several days. The typical migraine with aura symptoms such as eyes flashing scotoma, visual field defect, single-blind or ipsilateral hemianopia. When the incidence of pain location can be transferred elsewhere, while radiation neck, shoulders. For Pollex drilling pain, tingling or dull. When accompanied by severe dizziness, sweating, nausea, vomiting, palpitations, constipation embolism. Usually a few weeks recurrence interval, periodically attack。
From the perspective of Western medicine, in addition to organic brain lesions (such as intracranial mass, etc.) to headache. Most commonly it is due to nerve migraine, vascular dysfunction caused by disease, recurrent pain in the side of the head, even accompanied by nausea, vomiting or allergic to light and sound and so on. The disease has a genetic factors, some patients may occur after head trauma.
TCM believes that this disease and angry, emotional stress related. Its cause is poor emotional wishful, depressed or irritability, hyperactivity,spleen disorders, phlegm. According to TCM theory, the system permits organs and meridian systems dialectical combination of methods, to take a different treatment depending on the symptoms. If qi, to swelter, sparsely tune meridians. If it is hyperactivity, orifices, Pinggan yang. ; If it is spleen disorders, spleen, Meridian. If chronic illness stasis, Blockage of context, blood circulation, gas pain. To achieve the purpose of tackling the problem.
Acupuncture treatment of migraine has a long history and good results. On the selection of points and methods to stimulate a lot of groping effective experiences. The general idea of using conventional transparent Needling, Bloodletting and Cupping has a good analgesic effect. In the specific selection of points and conquer tactics. Migraine to locally selected points better. Currently, acupuncture treatment of migraine efficiency (pain rate) of 90% or more. Its efficacy is relatively consolidated, there are few treatment after repeated cases of continued treatment is still effective.
Acute migraine attack, is induced by the pathogenic wind, liver yang, phlegm, blood stasis, should go to the wind, pathogenic fire, phlegm, blood stasis based. Remission should Spleen, Liver. Kidney. To prevent migraine recurrence. Severe headache, more acute onset pain, urgent, unbearable, and should be in Integrative Medicine, to be in remission after acupuncture conditioned to consolidate the curative effect. Phlegm and blood stasis is the key factor of the disease caused by blood barrier. To clear the phlegm and blood stasis can cure migraine, clear phlegm, blood circulation principle, to fill the stomach qi, lungs and kidney, phlegm, Yin, heat, qi and blood circulation in the prescription, extensive use of migraine generally effective. Comparison of efficacy of acupuncture and Western medicine: the conclusion is:Acupuncture and drug therapy: conclusion: acupuncture treatment of migraine better than Western medicine. About acupuncture treatment for migraine information, please visit our website
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