Acupuncture treatment of cervical spondylosis

cervical spondylosis

Cervical disease, also known as cervical syndrome, is a common multiple of the slow progress of the degenerative bone disease, more common in the elderly, are getting younger and younger age of onset. Cervical syndrome, is a degenerative disease of pathological changes, mainly due to cervical chronic fatigue, among osteoarthritis, cone or disc prolapse, ligament thickening, resulting in cervical spinal cord, nerve roots or arterial pressure, there was a series dysfunction syndrome. Symptoms are dizziness, numbness in the hand, neck pain, insomnia, sweating, tolls, back numb, blurred vision, palpitation, suffocation. Neck pain and discomfort. Cause people cause prolonged bow work-related neck muscles, ligaments, fascia and long-term state of tension, resulting in inflammation, edema. Produced metabolites directly stimulate the adjacent nerves and blood vessels. Dizziness, numbness in the hand symptoms. Sterile local tissue inflammation, resulting in soft tissue near the spasm, causing ischemia and hypoxia. The adjacent tissue, fascia produce adhesions, oppression nerves and blood vessels

When a soft tissue injury to a certain extent, the body of calcium will gather here, over time, the formation of muscles and ligaments calcification, hyperplasia. Stimulate proliferation of the surrounding soft tissue inflammation, increased soft tissue lesions, nodules formed. Limit the scope of activities of muscle and soft tissue. Traction due to pain when human activities. Clinical manifestations of cervical syndrome: when entrapment occurs when the vertebral artery. Blood obstacles. Dizziness, vertigo, nausea, vomiting, symptoms of tolls. When the occipital nerve and lesser occipital nerve entrapment is. Produce headache scalp tight symptoms. Symptoms of nerve root compression card, and neck pain, back pain, numbness in the hand. Sometimes heel pain is caused by cervical strain.

Acupuncture treatment of cervical disease is by dredging meridians, promoting blood circulation to achieve the purpose of treatment. The correct choice of treatment points. This greatly influence the effectiveness of the treatment. Past traditional acupuncture acupuncture treatment in the place of pain. Of course, this practice applies local soft tissue damage. It is primary. But this is often not the best treatment sites. Because the pain is not necessarily point the muscles or ligaments start and end points. This is a great influence on efficacy. Many people tend to ignore this problem. So pain patients are often repeated, the treatment cycle is very long.

Treatment of selected points with symptoms characteristic division. Dizziness selected point: Most of dizziness caused by the first and second cervical vertebrae at. You can touch the nodules. Lumpy is friction between the head behind the rectus muscle size, resulting in fascial adhesions. Muscle spasms. Oppression through the bottom of the vertebral artery. Cause dizziness, release here nodules. Back pain, numbness in the back of select point therapy: Looking for cervical nodules second and third cervical spine next. Touch is painful, be release. Cervical pain, back pain, numbness in the shoulder point treatment options: Find the third cervical nodules and fourth cervical spine at the next. Touch the pain, be release. Arm pain, numbness in the thumb, index finger numbness, finger numbness select point therapy: Looking next to the fifth and sixth cervical spine cervical nodules touch is painful, be release. Arm pain, numbness in the ring finger, middle finger numbness, numbness in the little finger to select point therapy: Looking nodules sixth and seventh cervical vertebra cervical spinous process next touch is painful, be release.

Human cervical spine smallest, but the most active part of the largest event frequency. He followed the body’s development, growth, maturity. And constantly subjected to various loads, symptoms of the disease is varied. To make judgments based on the actual situation. Information about the acupuncture treatment of   cervical spondylosis, please visit our website at
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