Acupuncture treatment of tinnitus

Acupuncture treatment of tinnitus

medical profession. Complex causes, study its causes and mechanisms never stopped. The outer ear, middle ear, inner ear disease can cause tinnitus occurs, in addition, there tinnitus, central tinnitus, ringing in the ears to listen to the sound of tinnitus and sleep outside systemic drug-induced, traumatic tinnitus different. But so far, there is not yet a mechanism can explain all the symptoms of tinnitus. Deafness and tinnitus refers to abnormal hearing two symptoms. Tinnitus is a ringing consciously based disease ear; hearing loss or deafness is hearing loss based disease, deafness often by the Tinnitus evolved. Both in the pathogenesis and treatment of acupuncture is substantially the same.
Western medicine treatments for tinnitus are many first advocated the cause of treatment, that is to find the exact cause of tinnitus, then appropriate treatment for the cause, but because most of the exact cause of tinnitus is not found. Therefore, most of tinnitus can not be taken due to treatment. Just take symptomatic treatment, symptomatic treatment, including physical therapy and medication, physical therapy by improving the duration of tinnitus, the tinnitus sound size, or by treating it for granted the existence of tinnitus, or by consulting reduce their fear and for tinnitus and other concerns. Drug therapy includes two kinds, one for the treatment of primary disease, the other is non-auditory symptoms caused by the treatment of tinnitus. Drugs commonly used local anesthetic, anxiolytic, vasodilator drugs. But so far, none of the treatment methods recognized by the medical community.
The occurrence of tinnitus can be divided into internal external. More from internal anger, panic, liver and gallbladder, Wind & Fire rises, so Shaoyang gas closed barrier. Or due to kidney qi is weak, liver and kidney deficiency, essence incapable of rising to the ear. More external invasion by the pathogenic wind.
TCM deficiency syndrome and excess syndrome:  excess syndrome. Furious panic, hepatobiliary Huo caused Shaoyang meridians gas closed resistance, or phlegm stagnation.  deficiency syndrome usually caused by kidney essence depletion, refined gas can not rise to the ear orifices. Clinically often divided into objective tinnitus and subjective tinnitus, subjective tinnitus is more common, mental state, focusing on force distribution, body condition, drug use, quality of sleep, fatigue, noise, alcohol and emotional stress, etc. occur and tinnitus severity implications. Comprehensive treatment of tinnitus should take into account the duration, disease location, severity, and other systemic disease etiology line therapy and symptomatic treatment. Up to now there is still no proven cure for tinnitus treatment. Acupuncture treatment without side effects, treating the symptoms, convenient and easy in clinical and achieved good effect,Tinnitus effect,  especially for tinnitus caused significant effect acquired
neuropathic Tinnitus, its pathogenesis is not yet entirely clear, most people think of injured nerve hearing, cochlear hair cells caused by use of Western medicine vasodilator, neurotrophic, hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy, the effect is not ideal. Chinese medicine believes that many tinnitus causes. Because there is insufficient kidney essence, lost in recuperation. There spleen phlegm stagnation, liver and gallbladder Huo, etc. can not be due to the very orifices. However, different causes of tinnitus. Blood stasis is the fundamental disease, chronic illness into the network, it will inevitably hurt the blood network. Early evil superficial, long the evil depth.
Positive type tinnitus and deafness if accompanied by tinnitus such as thunder or the sound of the tide, it can relieve itself, occur or worsen after angry, dizziness, headache, mouth and throat pain, irritability, restlessness and other symptoms, tinnitus and deafness empirical type, this type of tinnitus and deafness the attacks and emotional factors caused by qi of fire, due to dietary factors sputum Yu-fire and other factors. Acupuncture therapy; Yifeng (bilateral), tinggong (bilateral), XiaXi (bilateral), zhongzhu (bilateral) Taichong (bilateral)
deficient syndrome type tinnitus and deafness. Tinnitus often tired after the increase, such as tinnitus sound of cicadas, when time, or day and night, clear night, gradually hearing loss, irritability, insomnia, dizziness, loss of appetite, pale yellow. Xu Zheng type tinnitus onset of deafness and physical weakness caused by factors related to kidney. Treatment points: Yifeng (bilateral), tinggong(bilateral), Xiaxi(bilateral), Shenyu (bilateral), taixi (bilateral).
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Acupuncture treatment of depression

Acupuncture treatment of depression

Depression is defined as the cause of learning, aspects of marriage, family, work, etc., because of an unexpected stimulus to a problem, or encountered some specific difficulties A depressed state of mind is formed, it is a kind of mood disorders, leading to a significant factor in the number of suicide experts in the world suffering from depression is growing, and depression in 10% to 15% risk of suicide prediction, by 2020, depression will be second only to cancer in humans second kill.
To the patients themselves, family and society serious harm. World Health Organization (WHO) published data show that patients with depression worldwide about 3.4 million per year for depression and suicide have at least one million people, currently the disease has caused widespread concern in the medical profession at home and abroad. Etiology of depression is not yet clear, may be related to psychosocial factors, genetic factors, neuroendocrine and central neurotransmitter function abnormalities. Depression is generally divided into exogenous and endogenous two categories. The so-called exogenous, usually refers to external environmental events caused by depression, such as reactive depression, depressive neurosis.
The endogenous is by the body “internal” factors caused by depression, is a group of persistent emotional depression as the basic characteristics of mental disorders, may be associated with changes in behavior and thinking, and often sleep disorders, loss of appetite , dry mouth, constipation and other physical symptoms. Many treatments for depression, such as psychotherapy, sleep deprivation therapy, light therapy and electric shock treatment, but still modern drug treatment, psychotherapy supplement.
Acupuncture has received very good results in the treatment of depression, for exogenous depression such as post-stroke depression has a good effect for endogenous depression effect is very significant.
Depression What are the specific performance? Usually depressed, pessimistic about the future, do not want to take the initiative with people, depression, mental dispirited, depressed cowardice, brain Shen dizziness, severe insomnia, tinnitus and deafness, his eyes dull, palpitation palpitations, panic easy to cry, depression distress, memory loss, unresponsive, constipation, and other serious mental and physical discomfort and autonomic dysfunction performance. Depression occurs in sentimental, unsociable, narrow-minded, emotional indifference, lack of care, neglect of communication crowd.
The traditional way to treat depression is drug therapy and psychotherapy, but about Chinese medicine to treat depression also have effective therapy. Traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture, through the meridian conditioning to regulate nerve function, the effects of treatment of depression on the very good. Western medicine generally take medication to treat depression, the efficacy of this approach is certainly obvious, but long-term medication addictive, have a certain influence on human brain. When compared with Western medicine, acupuncture mainly play a therapeutic role by conditioning the body’s own nerve function, treating depression is a “green therapy.”
Depending on the symptoms of traditional Chinese medicine will be divided into four types of depression
1. Spleen Liver Depression: sentimental, pessimism, mood swings, sighed, feeling at two threatening swelling, bloating, diarrhea, physical fatigue. Pink tongue, thin white fur, thready pulse string. Treatment of ideas: the spleen and the liver qi stagnation. Treatment options acupoint: qimen, taichong, tanzhong, gongsun.
2. liver blood stasis type: depression, suicide attempts, feelings of irritability, associative thinking slow, slow motion, looking dull, flank pain. Women amenorrhea, dark purple tongue petechiae, white fur, pulse string, treatment ideas: diarrhea liver circulation, through government network. Acupuncture treatment options acupoint: dabao, jingmen, xinggjian, geyu, sanyinjiao.
3. Heart deficiency type: insomnia, forgetfulness, fast heartbeat, easily frightened, emotionally fragile, lack of interest, fatigue, weakness, pale complexion, loss of appetite, abdominal distension, pale tongue, white, weak pulse. Expelling: Spleen Yang Xin, Qi and blood. Treatment Ideas: Spleen Yang Xin, Qi and blood. Acupuncture points treatment options: xinyu, piyu, sanyinjiao, shenmen, qihai.
4. the spleen kidney yang deficiency: mental wilt Mi, low mood, lack of exercise like bed, upset, panic, palpitations, insomnia, pale complexion Akira, impotence nocturnal emission, women vaginal discharge, tongue fat or scalloped edges, white fur, pulse. Treatment Ideas: Warming spleen warm. Treatment points acupoit: Shenshu, Vital, Guan Yuan. Spleen, too River, Sanyinjiao.
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Acupuncture treatment of tremor

Acupuncture treatment of tremor

Tremor refers to part or all of the body’s performance as involuntary rhythmic trembling, into resting tremor and essential tremor
Resting tremor can be divided into physiological tremor: jitter amplitude is small and fast, often seen at rest, is a small, fast, erratic jitter. Often under stress, fear, agitation, pain and extreme fatigue occurs, Once the cause of the elimination of tremor, tremor disappeared. Pathological tremor: involuntary trembling hand, often permanent, divided resting tremor, tremor and postural tremor. Resting tremor: In the case of the muscles completely relaxed, quiet state appears tremor, may disappear during sleep, tremor speed of 4-6 seconds, more regular. Sport tremor: tremor occurs only during exercise, when the hand shake hands close to the target increase, without the law, the jitter amplitude, influenced by emotional factors and enhanced common in cerebellar lesions, multiple sclerosis and some of Wilson’s disease also there may be such a tremor. Generally considered resting tremor is Parkinson.
Essential Tremor: it is essential tremor: 50% to 70% of patients have a family history. Mainly for the slow progress of postural tremor or intention tremor, no other symptoms of nervous system damage. At rest is generally not shake, when the movement appears more pronounced especially when a limb against gravity to maintain a certain posture. With age, the incidence rate continues to rise, no gender differences in etiology. Women mainly for head tremor; men mainly for hand tremors. Initially manifested as intermittent tremor, only mental stress, evoked fear. With the progress of the disease can be manifested as persistent tremor. When limb tremor disappear completely relaxed. The disease is common tremor in the hands, the majority of patients after the onset of tremor hands, but also with one hand tremors, hand tremors, mild tremor mainly affects fine motor, writing, moderate and severe tremors will be dining, there may be difficult Dining themselves. Followed by head tremor, the performance of small nodding or shaking his head movements, and some patients showed only shake head without hand tremor. Very few patients had lower limb tremor. The disease tremor, concentration, mental stress, fatigue, hunger increased, in most cases temporarily disappear after drinking, the next increase, which is also essential tremor is characterized. Some patients due to the long-term mental stress, resulting in increased sympathetic activity, may be associated with palpitation symptoms. Slow progress after the onset of symptoms gradually worsened, serious when the patient’s daily life, work, social interaction, writing and other inconvenience. But no harm to health, are pathological benign tremor, other positive signs of nervous system generally does not occur.

Chinese medicine believes that no matter what kind of tremor, have been in touch with liver wind. Positive belong Wind & Fire on the disturbance, liver wind; liver and kidney deficiency were unsubstantiated, virtual wind stirring. Tremor also be found in the lower jaw, lips and limbs and other parts. Feng Xie violations is one cause of disease, due to a change in the wind, pervasive features. Therefore, treatment should be nourishing to the wind, the effect was apparent. Resting tremor is one of the typical symptoms of Parkinson’s disease,It does not mean the disease is equivalent to Parkinson’s disease, because the clinical manifestations of Parkinson’s disease as well as muscle stiffness. In the treatment of resting tremor, acupuncture points like to focus on the head Baihui, qubin, shuaigu, qianshencong, zhengying, instead of just distal acupuncture points, such as hands. Essential tremor is due to liver and kidney loss, the body’s normal ability to decrease wind evil, evil outside air invade the body, not through the normal functioning of their own against, and then the performance of the tremor caused. Tremor in Chinese medicine, the liver-yang dynamic, Xifeng liver, to the wind blood, meridians Zhengan to the wind, nourishing yin to treat principle. Information about the acupuncture treatment of tremor , please visit our website at

Five upset hot acupuncture treatment

Five upset hot acupuncture treatment

In clinical common to many in the elderly complained of heart hands, feet and heart heat hot pit of the stomach, hot people irritability, seems immersed in cold water only feel comfortable, but measuring body temperature was normal. Acupuncture call this the “five upset hot.” More common in the elderly, especially elderly women and the elderly weak long illness. Due to different causes five upset hot, so once appeared five upset hot, be sure to discern five upset hot which they belong, and then follow the traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation, so you can achieve better therapeutic effect.
Yin Deficiency: Usually five upset hot afternoon heat. Like holding a cold items. Sleeping on the hands and feet like being outside. Hot flashes, zygomatic red night sweats, nocturnal emission, dry mouth and throat, waist and knees, knees unit and knees, red tongue and so on. Five upset hot Yin type is the most common type, generally more common in lung, liver, and kidney. Five upset hot lung yin deficiency, in addition to the above symptoms, but also accompanied by nasal beep, dry cough, shortness of breath, phlegm and sputum less often bloodshot. Five upset hot liver yin deficiency with insomnia, easy fatigue, dry eyes. Five upset hot kidney caused accompanied by tinnitus, waist and knees and knees like.
Fire depressed type: five upset hot, chest tightness, bad breath, bleeding gums, limb fatigue, yellow urine, dry stool, red tongue yellow. Usually caused by diet, depression is caused by stomach can not be excreted, emotional uncomfortable, irritable, stretching, mouth pain, yellow urine, women, irregular menstruation
blood Deficiency type: Consciousness five upset hot afternoon, a little labor will increase, accompanied by mental sluggishness, weakness, eat less lazy words, palpitations, dizziness, pale and other symptoms. Usually the liver and spleen deficiency, blood deficiency related. Spleen is acquired, the source of qi and blood, spleen unifying systemic blood. Liver is to produce blood, regulate systemic blood supply. Liver and spleen damage, leading to blood deficiency, yang deficiency can not be produced, resulting in five upset hot.
Five upset hot can have a variety of causes, but acupuncture should identify the reasons for seeking primary disease, treatment for the cause. Acupuncture five upset fever can control symptoms, meditation soothe the nerves, heat, lift the trouble. But some patients have emotional stress caused by environmental factors or does not belong to the scope of pathology, the elimination of the relevant factors to resume business as usual. Acupuncture points should be selected according to the condition, choose different combinations of acupuncture points for effective treatment.

Common points:zhongchong, laogong, houxi, shenyu, zusanli, guanyuan, daling, taichong, hegu, taixi. Information about the acupuncture treatment of Five upset hot , please visit our website at

Acupuncture weight loss

Acupuncture weight loss

With the continuous development of social economy, people’s living standards continue to improve, overweight and obesity are increasingly common. Obesity has become a common disease, even often induce a variety of diseases as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes. Seriously endanger people’s health and life. Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture weight loss treatment, and achieved remarkable results, and its effect is significant, lasting and non-toxic side effects and so, more and more accepted. Simple Obesity refers to follow no obvious cause excessive accumulation of body fat, weight gain or abnormal distribution of the disease. It is closely associated with hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes and other diseases.
Modern medicine that simple obesity is usually accompanied by endocrine disorders, various hormones, especially insulin, sex hormones, adrenal cortical hormone, leptin and other abnormalities. Through acupuncture to restore balance to the endocrine, so that tends to normal; the other hand, Chinese medicine from the organs Obesity dialectical analysis of spleen and kidney and liver function. Acupuncture can be achieved through conditioning organs, so that the liver and spleen kidney function back to normal. Chinese medicine will be divided into obesity. Stomach organs excess heat obesity: more thirsty, like drink, red tongue, yellow greasy. Spleen wet obesity: Common weakness in limbs do not like exercise, meal whole body felt weak For lying mouth sticky, difficult urination, morning puffy eyes, pink tongue, thin and greasy thin or smooth. Liver Qi stagnation obesity: more chest pain full, epigastric fullness, irregular menstruation, insomnia, dreams, white fur. Spleen deficiency type obesity: fatigue easily, moving the sweating, weakness, backache petrified, impotence, fear of cold, tongue is pink with white. Liver-kidney Obesity: Common dizziness, stretching, headache, backache petrified, five upset hot, fever, red tongue, thin fur.
Conditioning gastrointestinal function. Gastrointestinal conditioning the combined effect of the majority is reflected in decreased appetite and smooth stool. We know that many causes of obesity, because the intake of too much, so the conditioning gastrointestinal function for weight loss is very large. Not so want to eat, this is a lot of acupuncture to lose weight phenomenon can be observed, since the needle can extend the gastric emptying time, so make the comparison would have hyperthyroidism appetite is suppressed, or even decline. In addition, it can improve bowel function. For example, some people with constipation in the process of acupuncture weight loss among intestinal peristalsis strengthened, excretion also increased, and this is the result of acupuncture can enhance the role of the intestinal tract.
Improve the body’s metabolism. Here’s metabolism, including glucose metabolism, fat metabolism. Obstacles acupuncture can enhance the rate of metabolism, increase the body burn fat, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss, while many obese people have metabolic function, some lipodystrophy, some glucose metabolism disorders, acupuncture course, you can see Metabolism improvements, such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia patients, the disease process often acupuncture can also be adjusted.
Improve endocrine system function. Many obesity occurs in puberty, postpartum, menopause these stages, especially women, these stages are endocrine changes very intense period of time. In the process of acupuncture to lose weight, many accompanied by irregular menstruation, amenorrhea and other symptoms of women during weight loss and no treatment for these symptoms, but often through acupuncture can improve the original symptoms, which are endocrine improved result.
Commonly used acupuncture points in the Liang Qiu points, Gongsun points, Neiguan points like. Acupuncture weight loss of 20 to 50-year-old middle-aged obese is better. Because in this age, human development is relatively mature, a variety of functions are relatively sound, through acupuncture, relatively easy to adjust the body’s metabolic function, promote lipolysis, to lose weight lipid-lowering effect. Acupuncture can inhibit gastrointestinal motility, and inhibition of gastric acid secretion, thereby reducing hunger, to achieve acupuncture weight loss goals. In the course of acupuncture weight loss treatment may occur anorexia, thirst, increased frequency of urine, which are a normal phenomenon. Because through acupuncture treatment, the inherent function of the body constantly adjusted, to promote the metabolism to speed up, continue to consume energy, and some clinical symptoms. Wait until the body re-establish balance, these symptoms will disappear. Acupuncture weight loss results with season, climate has a relationship. Generally effective and rapid spring and summer, autumn and winter bear fruit slowly. This is because the body’s metabolic function of the spring and summer strong, smooth natural excretion, and is conducive to weight loss.
Eight acupuncture needles around the abdomen:xiawan,qihai,zhongwan,guanyuan,tianshu,daheng.Rendezvous point with a pulse:wushu,weidao,zhulinqi.Body Acupuncture: fengshi,zusanli, Sanyinjiao. Weight loss are common points. Information about the acupuncture treatment of weight loss , please visit our website at

Ankle sprain acupuncture treatment

Ankle sprain

Ankle sprain is the highest incidence of sports injuries, accounting for 40% of all sports injuries. Ankle joint consists of the distal tibia and fibula talus. By the inner lateral tibia and a trailing edge constituting the mortise, talus above saddle hole in the articular surface of the ankle. Saddle joint in front of the talus after the narrow width, when ankle dorsiflexion enters wider hole, when a narrow portion into the ankle plantar flexion points, so the ankle joint in plantar flexion slightly loose, anatomical and physiological characteristics of the decision in the ankle plantar adduction and abduction more likely to occur within a sprain when bent. And because the fibular malleolus ankle deep pockets and long ankle malleolus tibia short ankle hole is shallow, so it is more likely to varus ankle sprain. Including lateral ligament from the anterior ligament and ligament injury with more common.

People in their daily lives, up and down stairs, walking shopping, walk in the park, when the viewer is not aware Ta Kong cascade collision masonry the stump, etc., are easily sprained ankle. Whenever there is a sprain, it occurs mostly in the lower part of the outside of the ankle, calf muscle groups, such as disposable foot muscle tibialis anterior, posterior tibial muscle than those strong, and can stabilize the inside of the ankle joint, so that it does not shift valgus; the contrary, disposable foot lateral leg peroneus longus muscle, peroneus brevis muscle is relatively weak, when a case of sprains, it is not tightly control the lateral malleolus stable fixed, but was forced to stretch and make ankle sprain ankle turned over within outside. When the lateral ankle sprain, because the fibular collateral ligament tear bleeding, so that even below the lateral malleolus and the back foot hematoma, ecchymosis, local tenderness, such as the foot passive inward inspection, due to involve injury the sense of the pain, such as a sprain to the outer rollover, the pain is not obvious.

After ankle sprain after proper treatment most patients may be cured, there are some patients with left ankle pain after the disappearance of lateral foot pain, long-term diseases, and even up to several decades, the impact of walking and labor. Usually due to tarsal sinus soft tissue damage caused by the same time. Tarsal sinus ditch by the talus and calcaneus ravines, below the lateral sinus at the front, there is sinus interosseous ligament with distance, and with the fat pad away from the synovial membrane and synovial. It can cause ankle sprain while tarsal sinus ligaments, fat pad and synovium injury, aseptic inflammation, wound healing and scar contracture can occur ligament tension, resulting in lateral dorsal tarsal sinus pain and tenderness, and sometimes Radiation is also to toe. Soft tissue lesions caused by autonomic dysfunction. It appears leg and foot paresthesia, chills, Shen tight weakness, involuntary trembling.

Sprain refers to soft tissue injury or limb joints of the body, such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels and other sprains without fracture, dislocation, torn flesh syndrome. It belongs to Chinese medicine “rib injury” category. Mostly occurred in the joints. The etiology more by strenuous exercise, holding heavy objects, falls, stretch, twist over. External force beyond normal joint range of motion caused by joint soft tissue damage. Run through the air is blocked, blood stasis caused localized swelling, and even joint activity limitation. Section points in the lung, the moon of the same name by communicating through a hand, foot, and lung and bladder through,xiaojie  acupoint on the points in the lung meridian。Therefore, the therapeutic section Point acute lateral ankle sprain good results。Section acupuncture treatment ankle pain, both corresponding to the hole is the same name as the meridian interlinked, organs connected, double-acting

Point on the lung meridian, by hand and foot meridians meridian, lung and spleen that communication and rule the medial malleolus, through communication with the organs bladder communicate. Lateral ankle sprain treatment。
Ankle sprain is a Chinese medicine “rib injury” category. The disease is mainly due to the injured tendons, caused by blocked vein. Treatment should clear the meridians, qi and blood circulation. . Yanglingquan as one of the Eight Points tendon will, is the treatment of muscle disease main point, especially in the lower limbs muscle disease, with and getting strong reinforcement effect. Hanging bell hole is gall bladder acupoints, outer ankle tendons are too sick to treat gall bladder, a strong sense of the needle, but the point should be positioned on the 3-inch lateral malleolus. Qiuxu points before the depression below the lateral malleolus, lateral ankle sprains often present around the hole there was tenderness, is the local points, should be deep stab. From top to bottom on three points should be the order of acupuncture, the needle being continuously strengthened. Local tenderness advisable Ashi, Ashi important role in the treatment of this disease, which is particularly pay attention to acupuncture, needling using imitation “Green Tortoise cavers” method to achieve the qi and blood circulation, Shujin pain effect. Information about the acupuncture treatment of  Ankle sprain  , please visit our website

Acupuncture treatment of migraine


Migraine is a common acute headache. Many migraine patients, although taking a lot of painkillers, but the treatment effect is not obvious. Often the pain is frequent after relapse, and repeatedly, which makes patients miserable. Migraine is a common acute headache. Since the onset of pain, vasomotor dysfunction, and certain body fluids caused by a temporary change in substance. Cause is not yet clear. Approximately 50% of patients have a family history, and more common in women. The clinical manifestations: visual hallucinations, hallucinations, hemianopia and other disorders of brain function briefly appears before the attack. Mostly on one side of headache, often limited to the frontal, temporal, and occipital. When the pain began to severe volatility pain, to persistent dull pain. It could attack at any time. But in the morning, or nervous, angry after the disease. Symptoms that last several hours to several days. The typical migraine with aura symptoms such as eyes flashing scotoma, visual field defect, single-blind or ipsilateral hemianopia. When the incidence of pain location can be transferred elsewhere, while radiation neck, shoulders. For Pollex drilling pain, tingling or dull. When accompanied by severe dizziness, sweating, nausea, vomiting, palpitations, constipation embolism. Usually a few weeks recurrence interval, periodically attack。
From the perspective of Western medicine, in addition to organic brain lesions (such as intracranial mass, etc.) to headache. Most commonly it is due to nerve migraine, vascular dysfunction caused by disease, recurrent pain in the side of the head, even accompanied by nausea, vomiting or allergic to light and sound and so on. The disease has a genetic factors, some patients may occur after head trauma.
TCM believes that this disease and angry, emotional stress related. Its cause is poor emotional wishful, depressed or irritability, hyperactivity,spleen disorders, phlegm. According to TCM theory, the system permits organs and meridian systems dialectical combination of methods, to take a different treatment depending on the symptoms. If qi, to swelter, sparsely tune meridians. If it is hyperactivity, orifices, Pinggan yang. ; If it is spleen disorders, spleen, Meridian. If chronic illness stasis, Blockage of context, blood circulation, gas pain. To achieve the purpose of tackling the problem.
Acupuncture treatment of migraine has a long history and good results. On the selection of points and methods to stimulate a lot of groping effective experiences. The general idea of using conventional transparent Needling, Bloodletting and Cupping has a good analgesic effect. In the specific selection of points and conquer tactics. Migraine to locally selected points better. Currently, acupuncture treatment of migraine efficiency (pain rate) of 90% or more. Its efficacy is relatively consolidated, there are few treatment after repeated cases of continued treatment is still effective.
Acute migraine attack, is induced by the pathogenic wind, liver yang, phlegm, blood stasis, should go to the wind, pathogenic fire, phlegm, blood stasis based. Remission should Spleen, Liver. Kidney. To prevent migraine recurrence. Severe headache, more acute onset pain, urgent, unbearable, and should be in Integrative Medicine, to be in remission after acupuncture conditioned to consolidate the curative effect. Phlegm and blood stasis is the key factor of the disease caused by blood barrier. To clear the phlegm and blood stasis can cure migraine, clear phlegm, blood circulation principle, to fill the stomach qi, lungs and kidney, phlegm, Yin, heat, qi and blood circulation in the prescription, extensive use of migraine generally effective. Comparison of efficacy of acupuncture and Western medicine: the conclusion is:Acupuncture and drug therapy: conclusion: acupuncture treatment of migraine better than Western medicine. About acupuncture treatment for migraine information, please visit our website

Acupuncture Treatment of Hypertension


High blood pressure is a artery blood pressure as the main performance of chronic disease, see more at old age. This disease has two kinds of primary and secondary. Primary hypertension by mental stimulation, mood swings, make higher nervous function disorder, subcortex vasodilation contraction central form fixed excited stove, systemic small artery spasm, each organ ischemia, especially kidney ischemia, cause a series of changes of fluid, and small arteries, blood pressure increased constancy.
Secondary hypertension is much by urinary system diseases, caused by intracranial disease and endocrine disorders, etc. The symptoms of primary hypertension.
Except for a few individual characteristics, general blood pressure 140/90 mm Hg or more can be diagnosed with high blood pressure, and more with dizziness, headache, stretching, tinnitus, palpitation; numb fingers, facial redness, irritability, insomnia. Examination shows left ventricular hypertrophy, aortic second sound hyperthyroidism; but also in the course of the symptoms of high blood pressure suddenly increased, a sharp rise in blood pressure, severe headache, tachycardia, blurred vision, angina, dyspnea, flushing or pale, etc. symptoms, for “hypertensive crisis”, common in advanced hypertension.
Whether primary or secondary, high blood pressure Why would it? Western medicine is now concluded: reasons not yet identified. Essential hypertension that there may be genetic factors, there may be individual factors. Doctors believe it now means not isolated in the end is what causes hypertension fact that they think high blood pressure can cause damage to the human heart, kidney function, so symptomatic treatment, taking dilation of blood vessels way to reduce blood pressure, reduce heart, lung, kidney burden. This is the method of Western medicine treatment of hypertension.
Its role is a single, high blood pressure because it makes your blood vessels pressure, and with the method of dilation of blood vessels, as long as the medication, blood vessels expand, the pressure is reduced, the blood pressure will come down, and you feel comfortable . It is because treatment for unity, determines the efficiency of Western medicine treatment of hypertension is very high, a lot of medicine to go down on the tubes.
Chinese medicine how to treat it? Chinese medicine have different views on the treatment of hypertension. Hypertension TCM can be summarized: hyperactivity, is the clinical manifestations of dizziness; sputum silt, confused, numb limbs, spleen and stomach. All these symptoms can occur we call high blood pressure. So Chinese medicine in the treatment of hypertension what to see it first? The clinical manifestations of dizziness, palpitation, numbness in the hand, and even convulsions of these symptoms, TCM will analyze what causes you. If hyperactivity, then you have to use Yu Yin and Yang approach is to make up your yin and yang balance, let’s go up yang could be down, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment of hypertension. If it is weak stomach, this time hyperactivity is a phenomenon, and spleen and stomach is the main contradiction of time, we must approach with spleen Qi.
Especially if you eat more, especially lipid thick, low pressure is particularly high, belonging sputum silt each knot, then we have to use Chinese medicine phlegm Stasis approach.
That is, the same was diagnosed with high blood pressure, Chinese medicine treatment is necessary according to each person’s situation, different treatment. Chinese medicine according to different clinical characteristics, different states. Traditional look, smell, and asked, checking the pulse mode manner, combine judgment, to be adjusted. If high blood pressure is caused by hyperactivity, up yin yang lowering blood pressure can be down. If it is the result of sputum silt each knot, it shows you where the blood vessels have become thick, the need to increase pressure on the blood vessels, the blood pressure to be able to restore the elasticity of blood vessels to be able to enter the normal state of the process.
There are many points of the human body, and patients with hypertension is often used acupuncturepoints: hegu, quchi, shenyu, qihai, guanyuan, zusanli, fenglong, jiexi, fengchi, yinlingquan, guangming, xiaxi,sanyinjiao, taixi, yumen,xingjian. In practice, the patient should be dialectical acupoints. Acupuncture for the treatment of hypertension have a positive effect, and safe, non-toxic side effects. Acupuncture for the treatment of hypertension can play the role of two-way adjustment, but the exact mechanism remains to be further understood. Acupuncture Acupuncture by dredging meridians, regulate the role of blood in order to achieve a smooth step-down purposes. Studies have shown that acupuncture can repair the vascular endothelium, reduce plasma levels of endothelin, inhibiting the role of sympathetic nerve activity, causing blood vessels to dilate, blood pressure decreased significantly. Acupuncture Zusanli, can significantly reduce high blood pressure. Information about the acupuncture treatment of  Hypertension  , please visit our website at

Acupuncture treatment of insomnia


Person’s life, about 1/3 of the time spent in sleep, along with the social competition intensifies, people work, live, study and other aspects of rhythm to speed up, the incidence of insomnia is assuming increasing trend. According to statistics, the United States, 30% of people suffering from insomnia. Insomnia has an impact on human health, quality of life and productivity of important factors. Insomnia refers to the often can not get to sleep properly. Light sleeping difficulties, sleep easily after waking, or, you can not sleep after waking; severe cases may not be able to sleep all night, often accompanied by headache, dizziness, forgetfulness and so on. Insomnia can be divided into primary and secondary two disorders.
Disease caused by the other person can not sleep properly as secondary, in the case of shorter duration, just treatment of primary disease can be. Not caused by other diseases, can not get normal sleep insomnia, it is of primary. Currently modern medical treatment of primary insomnia use of sedative-hypnotic drugs (such as benzodiazepines, barbiturates, antidepressants, antihistamines, etc.) and psychological therapy, although there is a certain effect, but the sedative and hypnotic long-term use of drugs prone to tolerance, addiction and withdrawal reactions and other side effects; unstable psychological therapy efficacy, many influencing factors. Acupuncture treatment of insomnia, can fundamentally improve the quality of sleep in patients with stable prolong sleep time, there is no adverse reaction, is a green therapy.
Chinese medicine believes that the cause of insomnia should be identified through clinical manifestations. Lighter conditions permit less sleep or not sleep, you can restore a few days. Serious illness through the night, difficulty falling asleep for months or years.To determine the tcm excessive sydrome and deficiency-syndrome.The nature of the disease have deficiency syndrome and  tcm excessive sydrome.Deficiency is inadequate in blood, cardiovascular dysfunction, manifested as thin physique, poor complexion, mental fatigue, less verbal, palpitations, forgetfulness. Usually caused by spleen disorders, liver failure stores the blood, kidney failure essence, mind emptiness caused.
Tcm excessive syndrome, strong fire within, blood stasis, showing irritability, mouth and throat pain, constipation, chest pain. More by Firelight strong, liver fire, phlegm stagnation, blood block caused.The main symptoms of insomnia heart and brain. Since the mind is disturbed or disordered mind, a dreamer lead to insomnia. Is due to deficiency of kidney essence, mind disorder, insomnia caused dreamer. Meanwhile, other organs such as the liver, gall bladder, spleen, stomach, kidney yin and yang, blood disorders, heart disturbances can also cause insomnia brain. Irritability, insomnia caused mostly inner anger scrambling. Easy to wake up after falling asleep person, mostly heart timid scared. Poor complexion, physical fatigue, mental fatigue and insomnia, for the spleen is not shipped. Distracted.
The method of acupuncture treatment. Adjusting the internal organs due to the yin and yang of insomnia mainly due to imbalance of yin and yang organs, blood loss, so uneasy and insomnia.
To “supplement, diarrhea off the excess, adjusting the actual situation,” as the general principles applied Heart tonic, nourishing yin, traffic heart and kidney, liver and blood, Qi Anticonvulsant, phlegm heat, stomach stagnation, through blood collaterals and other methods, whereby the blood and tone, balance of yin and yang, viscera function returned to normal. Mind and stability, improve insomnia. To soothe the nerves of its basic governing law. Nourishing the nerves, pure heart and soothe the nerves,, transfer gas soothe the nerves, liver conservation nerves, brain nerves of different therapies. Emphasizes psychotherapy emotional uncomfortable or mental stress, excessive anxiety and other psychiatric symptoms are common causes of insomnia. Eliminate concerns and tension, to maintain the spirit of mind is an important method for the treatment of insomnia.
Select points: baihui, simingcong,  fenchi, dazhui, shenmen, shenting, neiguan, sanyinjiao, shenmai, zhaohai.Insomnia and brain-related, more choice of head acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture treatment of insomnia many methods. Methods specific acupuncture treatment on site, in addition to limb acupoints, the more medical research combined with modern holographic gradually formed ear acupuncture needle, acupuncture head and abdomen acupuncture greatly enrich acupuncture treatment of insomnia Methods. Information about the acupuncture treatment of  insomnia  , please visit our website at

Acupuncture treatment of gout


Gout is a common cause of joint pain. The cause is due to the abnormal purine metabolism in the body, increased blood uric acid caused systemic disease. The main feature is that recurring joint pain, redness and swelling. In the first metatarsophalangeal joint is the most common. High incidence of lower limb. Small joints incidence. Acute gout attacks (also called acute gouty arthritis) without warning, sudden pain often occurs at night, and the location of the pain focus. Severe pain. At the same time affected joints showed redness, swelling and fever, local skin shiny, tenderness evident. Gout is many obese elderly common diseases. Studies have shown. The average weight of gout patients are more than the standard weight of 17.8%, and the larger the surface area of the body, the higher the level of serum uric acid in the body. In addition, people with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, patients with gout ratio is quite high.
Chinese medicine believes that the main cause of gout is the body dampness phlegm, qi meridians blocked. Dysfunctional organs. Spleen and metabolic disorders. Type into medicine
1 body wet and hot cause: sudden swelling of the small joints of the lower extremities, heat pain, can not be pressed, local burning touch, comfortable at lower temperatures, thirst, upset, anxiety, treatment: heat meridians, expelling wind wins wet.
2 body stagnation heat stasis caused: joint swelling and irritation, swelling deformation, flexion and extension negative, skin color Purple Rain, according to the slightly harder, induration or lesions around. Treatment methods, heat circulation, through the meridians, heat and dampness, pain.
3 body caused by phlegm block: joint swelling, and even then diffuse swelling around the joint, local tingling pain, or see induration but no red, accompanied by dizziness, facial edema, swelling of the feet, chest tightness. Treatment: phlegm and dampness, Shu Meridian
4. liver and kidney weakness: a long illness repeatedly made, such as joint pain is stick, local joint deformation, day and night, light weight, skin insensitive, falter, flexion and extension negative, dizziness, tinnitus, nourishing the liver and kidney treatment, spironolactone Meridian.
5. The wind musculoskeletal type: liver and kidney weakness: limbs, joint pain, or pain was migratory, or in joint pain, pain inalienable, or weight of the limb and joint swelling, pain, skin numbness. Treatment: nourishing liver and kidney, spironolactone Meridian
6. rheumatic fever type: joint pain, swelling, pain can not touch, too cold it is comfortable, more acute illness, with fever, thirst, irritability, sweating unhappy, treatment methods: heat meridians, expelling wind wins wet.
7. Blockage of phlegm and blood type: arthralgia unhealed, recurrent, light weight when joint pain, joint swelling, deformity or stiffness, flexion and extension negative, subcutaneous nodules, treatment: Huatanquyu, chills meridians.
8. kidney depleted: long unhealed, recurrent, or was migratory pain, or were heavy with sorrow and grief, and even then joint deformation, adverse events, the paralysis heartless, lumbar pain, lassitude, shortness of breath, spontaneous perspiration method of treatment: liver and kidney tonic, expelling wind and cold dehumidification.
The preferred method of treatment of joint pricking blood therapy.
Local skin routine disinfection, the use of lancets affected area red or dark red of stasis blocking the meridians punctured, bleeding out of homeopathy, to pressure to stop bleeding after its color from dark into bright red. You can select multiple. If the affected area is no clear stasis blocking the meridians appear, looking around the joint to stasis blocking the meridians, blood puncture (lancing precautions to prevent infection).  After the bloodletting, then acupuncture treatment. Treatment of acupuncture points,hegu,shenmen,zusanli,taichong,fenglong,neiting,ashixue. heat and dampness, Shu Meridian, eliminate pain. Treatment once daily, 5 times a course. Usually 2 to 3 times of treatment had a significant effect. For patients with gout standstill period, acupuncture can be adjusted up to prevent gout attacks. Reduce abnormal increase in uric acid in the body. This gout patients is of great significance,  Information about the acupuncture treatment of Gout, please visit our website at