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Acupuncture treatment of depression

cupuncture treatment of depression Depression is around us. Depression is the most common emotional disease. The incidence rate in the world is about 11%. Therefore, people often call it “the cold of the mind”. It can be said that a person has a certain length or long life. Living in depression for a short time. […]

Acupuncture Treatment of Chronic Gastritis

Acupuncture Treatment of Chronic Gastritis Chronic gastritis is caused by a variety of different causes of chronic gastric mucosal inflammatory lesions. Department of common diseases, the incidence of all kinds of stomach first. And the older, the higher the incidence. Is a common and frequently-occurring disease. In recent years, the incidence of this disease is […]

Acupuncture treatment of back pain

Low back pain is lower back pain as a side or both sides of the main symptoms of the disorder. Western medicine kidney disease, rheumatism, muscle strain, spine and spinal cord diseases caused by low back pain. Suffering from back pain should first pay attention to lifestyle changes, appropriate to wear shoes with a heel, […]

Acupuncture treatment of bronchitis

Bronchitis refers to the trachea, bronchial mucosa and chronic non-specific inflammation of the surrounding tissue. Bronchitis, the main cause of chronic non-specific bronchial inflammation and recurrent viral infection bacteria. When the temperature drops, ischemic airway spasm of small blood vessels, defense function decline in favor of pathogenic; smoke and dust, air pollution and other chronic […]

Acupuncture Treatment of frequent urination

Normal adult daytime urination 4-6 times, 0-2 times a night, significantly increased frequency of urination said. A variety of reasons can cause increased frequency of urination, but no pain, also known as frequent urination. Causes more frequent urination, including neuropsychological factors, weak after the illness, parasites. Chinese medicine, frequent urination in children is mainly due […]

Acupuncture treatment of chronic pharyngitis

Pharyngeal mucosa of chronic pharyngitis, chronic inflammation and submucosal lymphoid tissue. Diffuse pharyngeal airway inflammation often part of the chronic inflammation; inflammation of the pharynx limitations are much more pharyngeal lymphoid tissue inflammation. The disease is common in clinical practice, longer duration of symptoms is a recurring problem. Systemic symptoms are not obvious to the […]