Ankle sprain acupuncture treatment

Ankle sprain

Ankle sprain is the highest incidence of sports injuries, accounting for 40% of all sports injuries. Ankle joint consists of the distal tibia and fibula talus. By the inner lateral tibia and a trailing edge constituting the mortise, talus above saddle hole in the articular surface of the ankle. Saddle joint in front of the talus after the narrow width, when ankle dorsiflexion enters wider hole, when a narrow portion into the ankle plantar flexion points, so the ankle joint in plantar flexion slightly loose, anatomical and physiological characteristics of the decision in the ankle plantar adduction and abduction more likely to occur within a sprain when bent. And because the fibular malleolus ankle deep pockets and long ankle malleolus tibia short ankle hole is shallow, so it is more likely to varus ankle sprain. Including lateral ligament from the anterior ligament and ligament injury with more common.

People in their daily lives, up and down stairs, walking shopping, walk in the park, when the viewer is not aware Ta Kong cascade collision masonry the stump, etc., are easily sprained ankle. Whenever there is a sprain, it occurs mostly in the lower part of the outside of the ankle, calf muscle groups, such as disposable foot muscle tibialis anterior, posterior tibial muscle than those strong, and can stabilize the inside of the ankle joint, so that it does not shift valgus; the contrary, disposable foot lateral leg peroneus longus muscle, peroneus brevis muscle is relatively weak, when a case of sprains, it is not tightly control the lateral malleolus stable fixed, but was forced to stretch and make ankle sprain ankle turned over within outside. When the lateral ankle sprain, because the fibular collateral ligament tear bleeding, so that even below the lateral malleolus and the back foot hematoma, ecchymosis, local tenderness, such as the foot passive inward inspection, due to involve injury the sense of the pain, such as a sprain to the outer rollover, the pain is not obvious.

After ankle sprain after proper treatment most patients may be cured, there are some patients with left ankle pain after the disappearance of lateral foot pain, long-term diseases, and even up to several decades, the impact of walking and labor. Usually due to tarsal sinus soft tissue damage caused by the same time. Tarsal sinus ditch by the talus and calcaneus ravines, below the lateral sinus at the front, there is sinus interosseous ligament with distance, and with the fat pad away from the synovial membrane and synovial. It can cause ankle sprain while tarsal sinus ligaments, fat pad and synovium injury, aseptic inflammation, wound healing and scar contracture can occur ligament tension, resulting in lateral dorsal tarsal sinus pain and tenderness, and sometimes Radiation is also to toe. Soft tissue lesions caused by autonomic dysfunction. It appears leg and foot paresthesia, chills, Shen tight weakness, involuntary trembling.

Sprain refers to soft tissue injury or limb joints of the body, such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels and other sprains without fracture, dislocation, torn flesh syndrome. It belongs to Chinese medicine “rib injury” category. Mostly occurred in the joints. The etiology more by strenuous exercise, holding heavy objects, falls, stretch, twist over. External force beyond normal joint range of motion caused by joint soft tissue damage. Run through the air is blocked, blood stasis caused localized swelling, and even joint activity limitation. Section points in the lung, the moon of the same name by communicating through a hand, foot, and lung and bladder through,xiaojie  acupoint on the points in the lung meridian。Therefore, the therapeutic section Point acute lateral ankle sprain good results。Section acupuncture treatment ankle pain, both corresponding to the hole is the same name as the meridian interlinked, organs connected, double-acting

Point on the lung meridian, by hand and foot meridians meridian, lung and spleen that communication and rule the medial malleolus, through communication with the organs bladder communicate. Lateral ankle sprain treatment。
Ankle sprain is a Chinese medicine “rib injury” category. The disease is mainly due to the injured tendons, caused by blocked vein. Treatment should clear the meridians, qi and blood circulation. . Yanglingquan as one of the Eight Points tendon will, is the treatment of muscle disease main point, especially in the lower limbs muscle disease, with and getting strong reinforcement effect. Hanging bell hole is gall bladder acupoints, outer ankle tendons are too sick to treat gall bladder, a strong sense of the needle, but the point should be positioned on the 3-inch lateral malleolus. Qiuxu points before the depression below the lateral malleolus, lateral ankle sprains often present around the hole there was tenderness, is the local points, should be deep stab. From top to bottom on three points should be the order of acupuncture, the needle being continuously strengthened. Local tenderness advisable Ashi, Ashi important role in the treatment of this disease, which is particularly pay attention to acupuncture, needling using imitation “Green Tortoise cavers” method to achieve the qi and blood circulation, Shujin pain effect. Information about the acupuncture treatment of  Ankle sprain  , please visit our website
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