Acupuncture treatment of tenosynovitis

Tendon sheath is set on the outside of the sleeve-like double-sealed tube synovium, synovial tendon sheath to protect. It is divided into two levels encircled the tendon, a cavity that is between the two synovial cavity, there synovial tendon sheath. Close conformity with the inner tendon and outer liner inside the sheath to the tendon fibers, combined together with the bone surface, with a fixed, protect and lubricate the tendon to rub against or oppression action. Sheath with the maintenance of normal flexion and finger tendon sliding function. When the hand is fixed in position to make repeated, excessive activity, so that between the tendon and tendon sheath often friction, resulting in edema, fibrosis, causes lumen stenosis. Due to activities within the tendon sheath, through a narrow channel diameter, so pain and movement disorders, which is tenosynovitis. Often occurs in the fingers of the palm, risk refers to the redness, swelling, pain, heat signs, flexion like, because it will cause pain in the fingers straight. If not promptly treated, after purulent infection, loss of finger tendon necrosis will make active function, pus also flowing into the adjacent finger tendon sheath and palm gap, resulting in total hand disability.
Radial styloid process stenosing tenosynovitis because of wrist and finger joints in one position for long been engaged in activities to sheath long been worn. Since the abductor pollicis longus and extensor hallucis brevis muscle while being constrained within the sheath, combined with tendon groove narrow, uneven bottom surface, the groove surface covering the transverse carpal ligament. Because of injuries, excessive strain (notably in the hand and fingers), osteoarthritis, some of the autoimmune diseases, and even infection may also cause. Some require long-term repeated strain joint career as a typist, instrumentalists, cargo handling or takes a long time computer operation and other industries, will cause or aggravate the disease. Common affected area wrists, fingers, elbows, shoulders and other locations. Women and patients with diabetes more prone to develop this disease. Patients will feel joint pain, morning stiffness, joint morning stiffness usually feel after getting up in the most obvious, but the symptoms will not be as frequent and apparent ease. Swelling of the affected joints, even snapping, joint movement disorder.
Tenosynovitis although it seems not serious, in fact, it has some potential hazards, tenosynovitis patient self-examination, the thumb clasped in the other four fingers inside, then do wrist flexion activities to the inside of the wrist, then the radial styloid process will severe pain, and sometimes the patient will feel pain strip, it will appear in the thumb side of the wrist bone protrusion (radial styloid) Office and thumb around the pain gradually worsened and thumb activities will be limited in the radial styloid will appear at tenderness and a sense of friction, sometimes in the radial styloid slight bulge pea-sized nodules. The main body of the tendon sheath tendon avoid friction plays a protective role or oppression. Trauma, tendon sheath after straining fibrous lesions in the tendon sheath so that activity blocked due to illness called stenosing tenosynovitis. The most common life with narrow tenosynovitis tenosynovitis tenosynovitis two kinds flexor muscle. Different types of tenosynovitis acupuncture method of treatment is not the same.
1. Acupuncture treatments of  narrow tenosynovitis are: radial styloid Department has abductor pollicis longus and extensor hallucis brevis tendon sheath through a total, if it is because the incidence of damage caused by thickening of the tendon sheath, then the radial wrist pain, fist outside when the exhibition section radial styloid pain, motor weakness thumb when the thumb motion may have a sense of friction or snapping, fist ulnar test positive symptoms. Select acupuncture points:ashi, yangxi, lieque, hegu.
2. flexor tendon tenosynovitis: the thumb, middle finger, ring finger, the thumb tenosynovitis is the most common. With tenosynovitis of finger flexion not free, you need to help flip the other hand, can barely stretch or flexion, and pulled when there will be sound bombs, life, people said the “snapping finger”, “trigger finger.” Select acupuncture points: yangxi, yangchi, hegu, lieque, quchi, shousanli, pianli, ashi . skin routine disinfection, taking tenderness at the point  ashi the point around the use of acupuncture,
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