Acupuncture treatment of gout


Gout is a common cause of joint pain. The cause is due to the abnormal purine metabolism in the body, increased blood uric acid caused systemic disease. The main feature is that recurring joint pain, redness and swelling. In the first metatarsophalangeal joint is the most common. High incidence of lower limb. Small joints incidence. Acute gout attacks (also called acute gouty arthritis) without warning, sudden pain often occurs at night, and the location of the pain focus. Severe pain. At the same time affected joints showed redness, swelling and fever, local skin shiny, tenderness evident. Gout is many obese elderly common diseases. Studies have shown. The average weight of gout patients are more than the standard weight of 17.8%, and the larger the surface area of the body, the higher the level of serum uric acid in the body. In addition, people with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, patients with gout ratio is quite high.
Chinese medicine believes that the main cause of gout is the body dampness phlegm, qi meridians blocked. Dysfunctional organs. Spleen and metabolic disorders. Type into medicine
1 body wet and hot cause: sudden swelling of the small joints of the lower extremities, heat pain, can not be pressed, local burning touch, comfortable at lower temperatures, thirst, upset, anxiety, treatment: heat meridians, expelling wind wins wet.
2 body stagnation heat stasis caused: joint swelling and irritation, swelling deformation, flexion and extension negative, skin color Purple Rain, according to the slightly harder, induration or lesions around. Treatment methods, heat circulation, through the meridians, heat and dampness, pain.
3 body caused by phlegm block: joint swelling, and even then diffuse swelling around the joint, local tingling pain, or see induration but no red, accompanied by dizziness, facial edema, swelling of the feet, chest tightness. Treatment: phlegm and dampness, Shu Meridian
4. liver and kidney weakness: a long illness repeatedly made, such as joint pain is stick, local joint deformation, day and night, light weight, skin insensitive, falter, flexion and extension negative, dizziness, tinnitus, nourishing the liver and kidney treatment, spironolactone Meridian.
5. The wind musculoskeletal type: liver and kidney weakness: limbs, joint pain, or pain was migratory, or in joint pain, pain inalienable, or weight of the limb and joint swelling, pain, skin numbness. Treatment: nourishing liver and kidney, spironolactone Meridian
6. rheumatic fever type: joint pain, swelling, pain can not touch, too cold it is comfortable, more acute illness, with fever, thirst, irritability, sweating unhappy, treatment methods: heat meridians, expelling wind wins wet.
7. Blockage of phlegm and blood type: arthralgia unhealed, recurrent, light weight when joint pain, joint swelling, deformity or stiffness, flexion and extension negative, subcutaneous nodules, treatment: Huatanquyu, chills meridians.
8. kidney depleted: long unhealed, recurrent, or was migratory pain, or were heavy with sorrow and grief, and even then joint deformation, adverse events, the paralysis heartless, lumbar pain, lassitude, shortness of breath, spontaneous perspiration method of treatment: liver and kidney tonic, expelling wind and cold dehumidification.
The preferred method of treatment of joint pricking blood therapy.
Local skin routine disinfection, the use of lancets affected area red or dark red of stasis blocking the meridians punctured, bleeding out of homeopathy, to pressure to stop bleeding after its color from dark into bright red. You can select multiple. If the affected area is no clear stasis blocking the meridians appear, looking around the joint to stasis blocking the meridians, blood puncture (lancing precautions to prevent infection).  After the bloodletting, then acupuncture treatment. Treatment of acupuncture points,hegu,shenmen,zusanli,taichong,fenglong,neiting,ashixue. heat and dampness, Shu Meridian, eliminate pain. Treatment once daily, 5 times a course. Usually 2 to 3 times of treatment had a significant effect. For patients with gout standstill period, acupuncture can be adjusted up to prevent gout attacks. Reduce abnormal increase in uric acid in the body. This gout patients is of great significance,  Information about the acupuncture treatment of Gout, please visit our website at
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