Acupuncture treatment of depression

cupuncture treatment of depression Depression is around us. Depression is the most common emotional disease. The incidence rate in the world is about 11%. Therefore, people often call it “the cold of the mind”. It can be said that a person has a certain length or long life. Living in depression for a short time. Many people suffer from depression and suffer from it. Clinical characteristics of depression When people are in a state of depression, not only will emotions be affected: mood depression, depression, depression, lack of interest in daily activities, pessimistic disappointment in the future, etc.; thinking and behavior will also be affected: slow thinking, attention It is difficult to concentrate, memory decline, loss of confidence in the future, etc.; in addition, it may affect our sleep, appetite, libido, weight, etc. What is more prominent is that many people feel uncomfortable with the body: headache, neck Pain, back pain, body aches, muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting, throat discomfort, dry mouth, acid reflux, stomach burning, constipation, indigestion, flatulence, blurred vision, dysuria, etc., often due to physical symptoms above Visited a number of hospitals, repeated examinations, no significant abnormalities were found. Ineffective treatment or unstable treatment. It has caused great troubles for the life and work of myself and my family. The cause of depression is the cause of most depression. Most people with depression are caused by some setbacks, troubles, disappointments, and dissatisfaction in their work and life. Most people will be able to treat these problems correctly if they can be treated correctly and self-discharged. Even if there are depressive symptoms such as unpleasantness and emotional instability for a period of time, they can change over time. Slowly turn the corners, and the mood gradually returns to normal. Therefore, this short-term depression is not a diagnosis of depression, it can only be called depressive symptoms. If this state of mind lasts for more than two weeks and is accompanied by sleep disorders, anxiety or physical discomfort, it is depression. Chinese medicine believes that depression is closely related to the dysfunction of heart, liver, spleen and kidney. For example, liver qi stagnation, heart and spleen deficiency, heart and lung qi deficiency, etc., therefore, in the treatment, the patient must first be dialectical of these visceral conditions, and then further establish a treatment plan. Acupuncture treatment methods; juque, Taichong, Sanyiaoyin, Xinshu, Feishu, Pishu, Ganshu, Shenshu. The principle is that the viscera affected by depression are heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney and because depression is caused by stagnation of blood and blood, which is accompanied by a stagnation of stagnation. Therefore, the selection of these acupoints will achieve the functions of nourishing the heart, calming the nerves, strengthening the spleen, soothing the liver and regulating the qi, and reconciling the five organs, and the function of the organs will gradually become
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