Acupuncture treatment of chronic pharyngitis

Pharyngeal mucosa of chronic pharyngitis, chronic inflammation and submucosal lymphoid tissue. Diffuse pharyngeal airway inflammation often part of the chronic inflammation; inflammation of the pharynx limitations are much more pharyngeal lymphoid tissue inflammation. The disease is common in clinical practice, longer duration of symptoms is a recurring problem. Systemic symptoms are not obvious to the local symptoms. Such as throat discomfort, foreign body sensation, throat secretions difficult to spit, throat itching, burning sensation, dryness or irritation, and some pain. Chronic pharyngitis is more common in adults, children can also occur. Systemic symptoms are not obvious to the local symptoms. Various types of chronic pharyngitis symptoms were similar and varied, such as throat discomfort, foreign body sensation, throat secretions difficult to spit, throat itching, burning sensation, dryness or irritation, but also a slight pain. Since the posterior pharyngeal wall usually due to chronic inflammation of the throat caused more viscous secretions adhesion, as well as due to the nose, paranasal sinuses, nasopharynx disease caused by mouth breathing at night, often irritating cough and nausea during early morning. Since foreign body sensation in the throat can be expressed as frequent swallowing. Throat secretions usually small and difficult to cough up the habit of clearing his throat and dry cough sputum action, if forced to cough or clear his throat pharyngeal mucosa can cause bleeding, resulting in bloody secretions.
Chronic laryngitis type
(1) mental stress : fatigue, mental stress, lack of sleep is a common factor induced pharyngitis.
(2) physical or chemical stimulation: such talk too much, eating spicy, with hot food, excessive alcohol and tobacco, chemical gas, dust and other air pollution, can damage the pharyngeal mucosa and glands. Destruction of local defense system.
(3) weather, seasonal factors: cold can cause pharyngeal mucosa vasoconstriction, reducing the number of phagocytic cells, decreased local resistance; drying can affect the throat mucus secretion and ciliary motility, reducing cleaning of air, humidification, direct pharyngeal mucosa cause irritation and damage; winter and spring climate changes, indoor air circulation is poor, but also easily lead to decreased immunity and pathogenic microbial invasion.
(4) adjacent organs diseases: nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, mouth, teeth, gums, larynx, trachea, bronchi and other neighboring organs acute and chronic inflammation along the mucosal, submucosal tissue, local lymph and blood circulation violations to the throat, or inflammatory secretions repeatedly stimulate the throat or nasal respiratory obstruction and forced to mouth breathing, can lead to pharyngitis.
(5) systemic diseases: allergies or suffer from systemic diseases, such as rheumatic fever, gout, diabetes, heart disease, anemia, nephritis, bronchitis and other chronic bronchitis, emphysema, bronchiectasis, tuberculosis, cirrhosis of the liver and digestive diseases caused by malnutrition, constipation, etc., can lead to decreased immunity the body, blood circulation disorders throat, triggering pharyngitis.
Symptoms of chronic laryngitis:
1. Long-term nasal congestion, mouth breathing: nasal and moist air heating function, when there are inferior turbinate hypertrophy rhinitis or burning excessive loss of physiological function, resulting in dry cold air directly to dry throat and produce pain.
2. Postnasal drip, throat irritation Long-term: common chronic rhinitis, purulent discharge will destroy the surface of the cell ciliary activity throat, easy to breed bacteria.
3. Persistent or recurrent throat infections: repeated “cold” or “tonsils” may cause throat sputum or foreign body sensation.
4. Acid reflux burning throat: common in eating and drinking before going to bed like the people fell down to sleep, the acidic gastric juice will be upstream, burning throat and esophagus, long-term stimulation, patients often wake up to find that burning throat, dry pain.
5. Irritating diet and improper oral hygiene: I like to drink and eat spicy spicy food, to cigarette after a meal, but forgot to regular brushing and mouthwash, and eating every meal is a stimulus, will soon have to chronic laryngitis.
6. Talk too much moisture supplement: speak more thirsty, coupled with lack of fluid secretion itself spit some of the elderly, and you should add more water, a few times more water than a lot of water moisten the throat.
7. Work pressure, emotional stress, sleep disorders: middle-aged women often feel therefore throat foreign body sensation, may be due to stress or tension caused by excessive muscle tension caused by the throat. Also because the symptoms can not be alleviated, fearing minister throat cancer, long-term psychological stress are more aggravating symptoms, more than half of patients after a detailed examination after exclusion throat cancer symptoms will alleviate sleep disorders so that the throat can not get enough rest, of course, you will feel uncomfortable.
traditional chinese medicine considers. More acute laryngitis by the abnormal climate, living carelessly, lung organ damage, bodily wind-heat; or feeling cold, depression and heat, evil heat up, stagnation in the throat, caused by the throat closing collaterals; or overeating spicy, lung and stomach organs heat, Wei Huo steam, fluid blocked the formation of phlegm, wind and heat motivate pyrophlegm, blues throat walls.
Chronic laryngitis and more weak by the ferrite, overwork, long illness, overuse of voice, lung and kidney caused by loss, Hao Shang yin, collaterals make throat injury, false fire Meridian upstream in the throat. Mainly in the pathogenesis of lung and stomach kidney, acute foreign invasion by hot and windy, lung and stomach heat Sheng; among those with chronic lung and kidney.
Select acupuncture points: tiantu, lianquan, futu, hegu, sanyinjiao, taiyuan, dadu, fuliu, feishu, shenshu, taixi, zusanli, neiguan. Once every two days needle. Information about the acupuncture treatment of  chronic pharyngitisPlease call Adelaide Yihong Acupuncture Clinic or visit our website