Acupuncture treatment of back pain

As the society rhythm speeding up, work pressure increases, the improvement of people’s living standard and life work environment, the incidence of back pain is growing at an alarming rate. Back pain is one of the most common disease. Recent studies show that over 80% of the population will be back pain in life. , this may work with people at a prolonged, decreased activity, and obesity and other factors, back pain is one of the top five medical reasons. People are very necessary to understand the understanding of the waist back pain diseases, the corresponding treatment and health care knowledge, so as to prevent, early diagnosis, early treatment, the purpose of preventing recurrence.

Muscle or myofascial pain is caused due to the upper back muscles to tighten. The upper part of the pain may be a big incentive to injury, such as sports injuries, fall or car accidents; there may be minor damage, such as when working long hours bent over, carrying things from the ground, and even snoring! Arthritis, bad posture, weight soared and psychological pressure will trigger or aggravate back pain. Other non-mechanical causes of back pain may be due to visceral diseases such as kidney stones, bone loss, or blood clotting joint dysfunction. Back pain has become sedentary computer workers before a very common phenomenon. Because this kind of work does not require a lot of movement, so the blood flow will be reduced, and to back injury.
The main structure of the back of the spine, a columnar structure contains several joints it is constituted by a plurality of vertebrae in its internal running of the spinal cord, peripheral encircled the ligaments, muscles, tendons and fascia. The back of the structure is very sophisticated, clever, complicated, it is precisely for this reason, the back is more susceptible to injury. By the seven cervical spine, 12 thoracic, five lumbar, five sacral and four coccygeal constitute, from the side, the spine was a soothing large S-type, there are four physiological curvature. No matter where we are standing, or sitting, the lumbar spine have been under a lot of gravity, while in life we often have to be like turn around, bend over, and so on, stretch the action, adding to the burden on the waist, so that the waist is very likely to occur injury, resulting in pain. Pain, may cause these joints can not function properly. Sometimes occur muscle strain, ligament sprain, joint inflammation or disc damage. The reason is that the pain occurs pain stimuli, pain stimuli emitted by pain stimuli by sensory afferents posterior horn of the spinal cord, upload it to the brain, causing the motor neurons, the sympathetic nervous excitement, so that increased muscle tension, vasoconstriction, local pain blood flow, lack of oxygen, caused by ischemia, hypoxia, resulting in pain caused by substances. The back is a very broad range, specifically, it includes a neck, chest, waist, sacral and so on. The entire back waist is the most important, it is the weakest link, the back of most diseases have taken place here.
Treatment of back pain. Chinese medicine acupuncture and Western medicine is very different. Diagnostic methods and treatments used is also different.
1. think treatment of traditional Chinese medicine should be dominated by the idea of the overall thought, on the basis of the viscera and channels, western medicine thinks: should be symptomatic treatment. Through a series of tests to find the signs, to determine whether surgery or medication.
2. Chinese medicine focus on their own adjustment, self-defense, self-healing to achieve the purpose of medical treatment. Western medicine is focused on using external means to cure the disease rely on human medical technology, surgical technology to fight the disease.

But for many chronic diseases, weakened form of the body disease, physical deterioration and form of the disease,Incorrect lifestyle diseases caused.Often routine examination was normal, but the patient feels real symptoms are present. For these patients, Western medicine in the treatment no effective means, often helpless, the disease to a more serious direction, and finally take extreme surgery. But there are very effective .Chinese medicine acupuncture treatment for this type of disease, and the treatment effect is very good, very short period of treatment.

Chinese medicine Acupuncture is based on traditional Chinese meridians, blood circulation, adjust the yin and yang theory, combined with modern anatomy, physiology, pathology, theory of soft tissue injury. His role is to clear the adhesions, scar release, eliminate soft tissue contracture, eliminate nerve entrapment, releasing abnormally high stress soft tissue, improve microcirculation, regulate the balance biomechanics, pathology displacement and deformity correction.

Back pain involves many complex causes, it can be divided into the nape, shoulder, waist, sacral waist. I will introduce in a future blog. For information on the treatment of back pain, please visit our website at

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