Acupuncture Treatment of frequent urination

Normal adult daytime urination 4-6 times, 0-2 times a night, significantly increased frequency of urination said. A variety of reasons can cause increased frequency of urination, but no pain, also known as frequent urination. Causes more frequent urination, including neuropsychological factors, weak after the illness, parasites. Chinese medicine, frequent urination in children is mainly due to physical weakness, kidney qi, bladder constraint incompetence, not due to its chemical declared. In addition too tired Insufficiency two dirty all true, is not on the virtual system, the virtual earth can not make water, air bladder weakness flowers, and frequent urination occurs. Therefore, frequent urination mostly Xu Zheng, need to rest, eat foods rich in plant organic active alkali foods, eat less meat, eat more vegetables. Causes more frequent urination, urinary tract infections are the most common, mainly the elderly frequent urination is an enlarged prostate, frequent urination is the main reason for pregnant women due to the uterus oppression bladder, frequent urination reasons children: breast-fed infants, into the water more the bladder capacity is small, up to 20 times a day to urinate, urinating about 15 times the age of 1 day to preschool and school-age children will urinate 6-7 times a day, as compared with urinary frequency excessive urination. Many reasons for the occurrence of frequent urination, should be combined with specific manifestations and laboratory tests, comprehensive analysis, find out why.
Male  frequent urination reasons
Chronic prostatitis symptoms: lower abdominal bulge, urinary frequency, urinary dripping white, endless urinate, frequent urination, hematuria, urinary fine, difficulty urinating. Caused urethritis, Seminal and complications such as epididymitis, impotence except outside part due to pathological changes in patients with chronic prostate sclerosis, bladder neck sclerosis, often makes the development of urinary tract obstruction after secretion uremia, chronic prostatitis accompanying dysfunction adversely affect sperm can cause reduced fertility.
Symptoms of BPH: benign prostatic hyperplasia (hypertrophy) is a clinical common disease in older men was high trend, in middle age, the prostate secretory function declining, causing prostate hyperplasia (hypertrophy), after compression of the urethra, causing night more frequent urination, urinary urgency, urinary drip Lek, sexual dysfunction and other issues. Urinary tract obstruction, causing urination when the prostate continues to increase, the urethra causing urinary retention and uremia oppression.
Urethritis symptoms: frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, dripping white, swelling, urinary tract irritation, urinary burning, hematuria, dysuria. Urethritis was high trend in modern men, the pathogen invades the urethral mucosa, continue to breed, destroy adjacent normal tissue structure caused by prostatitis, Seminal, epididymitis, orchitis.
Female  frequent urination reasons
1, neuropsychiatric urinary frequency. Frequent urination caused by mental factors, the general performance too uneven, obviously the role of the spirit “signs.” Frequent urination caused by mental stress, the body will not cause serious health consequences. Frequent urination affect learning, work, rest, could regulate psychotherapy and drug therapy nerves. In particular, some long-term, severe urinary frequency, should be carefully carried out the inspection, can not be easily diagnosed neuropsychiatric causes frequent urination.
2, non-inflammatory stimuli. Such as urinary tract stones and foreign matter.
3, inflammation, acute cystitis, tuberculosis cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, genital go far possible causes of frequent urination also appear. In inflammation, may be frequent urination, urgency, dysuria simultaneously, known as the urinary tract irritation.
4, reduced bladder capacity, such as bladder lesions, pregnancy increased uterine pressure, tuberculosis, bladder contracture or large bladder calculi.
Chinese medicine will be listed as one of the symptoms of urinary frequency, “deficiency of the kidney” of. When a person’s physical decline is prone to urinary frequency phenomenon, easily accompanied by sexual dysfunction. Physical deterioration and functional decline of frequent urination problem is the tension in the bladder. Studies have shown that androgen action is not just limited to the maintenance of sexual function, physical and psychological impact on people is broad and far-reaching. Impact on androgen on muscle tissues of the body, it can maintain the tension of the muscle fibers. The bladder is a hollow container made of smooth muscle, and its role is to store urine, which itself has very good scalability. When the urine reaches a certain amount, which produces a pressure in excess of the tolerance of the bladder, the person will have to urinate, need to urinate. When physical, sexual dysfunction, decreased levels of androgens, urinary bladder smooth muscle fiber tension also declined, making the bladder flexibility decreases. When the pressure of urine accumulated to an amount no less than in the past for a long time already and it generates the same as before, which had to urinate demand, frequent urination.
If frequent urination occurs, the amount of each urination is not much (except for urinary tract infection) is caused by the above reasons. If frequent urination and also a lot of urine, we must guard against diabetes, uremia and other early cases, and this time, it should go to the hospital for further examination.
TCM diagnostic criteria: ① deficiency type: nocturnal polyuria, urine long, low back pain, tinnitus, occasionally lower extremity edema, pale, thin white fur, pulse delay, thin; ② spleen and kidney deficiency: urine frequency, more in particular at night, cold limbs, body tired Shenpi, dizziness, tinnitus, weak knees, poor appetite, loose stools, pale tongue, slow pulse or fine. Chinese medicine believes that people 40 years of age, kidney gradually decline, loss of bladder in the warmth, not the normal gasification, liquid water loss system, the basic principle is to support the treatment of Yuanyang. Its pathogenesis mostly nephron deficiency, mainly due to kidney disease caused by roadway is not solid; visible with age kidney by the gloom and doom, gasification function also will decline, the elderly and the amount of more frequent urination, urine color innocence, it is insufficient yang, gasification loss Secretary of performance. At the same time there will be chills, cold limbs, knees numbness, weakness and other symptoms of lumbar. Therefore, dialectical Shi Zhiyi kidney Yiyang, chemical gas diuresis. Bladder heat: frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, urethral burning sensation, urine less, the color yellow and cloudy and sticky, dry mouth, abdominal distension, constipation, red tongue, yellow greasy moss, pulse a few slip.Yin deficiency: frequent urination and short yellow, vertigo, tinnitus, dry mouth and throat, thirst hi drink, zygomatic red hot flashes, irritability, can not sleep, backache, knee pain, dizziness, tinnitus, Gu Zheng labor heat, five upset hot, night sweats stool induration, red tongue, little fluid, rapid pulse.Kidney qi: frequent urination less urine, nocturnal enuresis, poor complexion, dizziness, ringing in the ears, shortness of breath, lassitude, weakness, limbs not warm, pale tongue, thin white fur, weak pulse delay.Lung and spleen-deficiency: frequent urination clear long, left or with urinary incontinence, and see pale lips and mouth, cough spit salivation, dizziness, shortness of breath, cold body, mental fatigue, pale tongue white, pulse weak urine long, nocturia. more chills cold limbs, weak soft sputum or back pain. Qi stagnation: frequent urination, less distress, abdominal fullness, emotional uncomfortable, thin coating, pulse string.Acupuncture points selected; zhongji, yinlingquan, sanyinjiao, zhibian, taixi, shenshu, pishu, feishu, taichong, hegu, guanyuan, zusanli, qugu, qihai, zhongwan, baihui. depending on the selected treatment of the symptoms of different points.  Information about the acupuncture treatment of  frequent urinationPlease call Adelaide Yihong Acupuncture Clinic or visit our website at