Acupuncture treatment of back pain

Low back pain is lower back pain as a side or both sides of the main symptoms of the disorder. Western medicine kidney disease, rheumatism, muscle strain, spine and spinal cord diseases caused by low back pain. Suffering from back pain should first pay attention to lifestyle changes, appropriate to wear shoes with a heel, conditions can be selected negative heel. Low back pain is a symptom, not an independent disease, low back pain caused by the reasons are more complex, so there are persistent and unexplained back pain, do not take it lightly, should be approaching the hospital diagnosed, avoid the development of certain serious diseases. Men and women have occurred, mostly women. According to statistics, based gynecology clinic with low back pain patients account for about 10% of the number of visits. 80% -90% of low back pain is due to muscle pain caused. In the surrounding muscles covered called “fascia” material, the equivalent of our common chicken that layer of white film. When back pain, muscle contractions suddenly hurt fascia, causing fasciitis, pain arises. This pain can be cured about a week or so, during which careful not to put pressure on the waist. Acute back pain cure takes about 1-2 weeks, but the occurrence of this part of the pain of muscle elasticity decrease, once pay attention, the pain will attack. Therefore, when the daily back does not hurt to pay attention to exercise psoas muscle, promote blood circulation waist, waist timely discharge old waste, and psoas muscle while exercising, should not be too fierce, so as not to damage increased low back pain.
1. lumbar disc herniation: Most have continued to dull the waist, to reduce the supine, standing after the increase. Under normal circumstances can be tolerated, the waist can moderate activity or walk to walk. Also there is a sudden spasm-like pain by the waist, coughing and sneezing can make back pain worse, stay in bed, seriously affecting the life and work.
2. degenerative spondylitis: more common in the age of 50, early morning when the back pain, soreness, stiffness, difficulty moving, lower back pain improved after the event, after too many activities can aggravate back pain. In the evening when the back pain is obvious. Supine can relieve pain is not severe, beat waist comfort.
3. muscle strain: lumbar sprain cumulative damage or other treatment often due to improper posture practicing long-term factors is not complete due. Consciously dull backache, relieved by rest, tired after the increase. Especially when the pain was bending work, while, stretch or percussion lumbar back pain can be alleviated. Standing long been engaged in work operations such as textiles, printing and dyeing, hairdressing, sales and other women, due to persistent standing waist tendons, ligaments stretch diminished capacity, locally excessive accumulation of lactic acid, inhibits the normal metabolism of the psoas muscle, and can also lead to waist low back pain caused by muscle strain. Often backpacking, waist overburdened prone spine, causing muscle strain and back pain.
4. psoas fibrous tissue inflammation: often due to cold, wet, chronic lower back strain involving the fascia and muscle tissue due. Mostly diffuse low back pain to both sides and the top of the pelvis and lumbar muscle-based, early morning when the increase, improved activity after a few minutes, but activity has increased too much pain. Tapping the waist pain relief.
5. Urinary tract infections: Because the female urethra is short and straight, and the external urethral orifice near the anus, often parasitic E. coli, in addition to the physiological characteristics of women, the chances of pollution urethra more health if ignored, is prone to urinary tract tract infection. In acute low back pain, chronic pyelonephritis caused by as much performance for lower back pain, severe radiation along the ureter to the perineum. In addition to urinary tract infection, urinary stones
6. pregnancy and postpartum fatigue: during pregnancy, as the fetus grew older, pregnant women, lumbosacral and pelvic ligaments laxity, but also with the weight of the uterus increases with gestational age, causing the body center of gravity forward. In order to maintain body balance, straighten the waist and more forward, if not pay attention to rest, it is easy to cause back pain. During pregnancy, fetal development need plenty of calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients, if dietary intake is inadequate, pregnant women can cause osteomalacia decalcification, also cause back pain. Postpartum excessive bleeding, or premature labor, too tired and cold, but also can cause back pain.
For a long time, Western view that low back pain caused by lumbar disc surgery is required. He invented a variety of surgery, nuclear fusion surgery, etc., the clinical results so far? Many patients are still pain after surgery, and even repeated two or three times after surgery or pain endlessly
Acupuncture treatment of low back pain is often due to different causes of differences in efficacy. Rheumatic back pain and muscle strain best effect; and variable lumbar disc herniation caused by back pain, acupuncture can significantly relieve symptoms; acute lumbar sprain was caused by low back pain, acupuncture can often be an immediate effect; poor efficacy of lumbar facet joint ligament tear around ; low back pain caused by visceral disorders to treat primary disease; acupuncture range of low back pain due to spinal tuberculosis, cancer is not caused by the genus. Card see rapid onset, severe pain, pain points, fixed, and pain, according to press, the catch by the waist activities, activities, coughing, sneezing, deep breathing disorder can be aggravated by rest pain can remission. Expelling qi circulation, tone positive pulse
Chinese medicine believes that the main cause of back pain is
1. Alpine guilty lumbar syndrome: lower back pain, cold, limited mobility, gradually increased after the break is still pain, rainy day is worse, pale tongue, greasy moss, pulse and slow. Dampness and cold, pain network.
2. phlegm back pain: low back pain with weight, body sleepy tired limbs, cough spit phlegm, chest discomfort. Body fat, pale tongue, greasy moss, pulse slippery. Dampness expectorant.
3. stasis type back pain: waist tingling, pain can not touch place, day pain, severe pain at night, the light pitching inconvenience, I can not stand the weight, pain refused to press, dark purple tongue or ecchymosis, pulse astringent . Blood circulation, and pain network.
4. Damp-heat pain: back pain, pain associated with thermal, and after the event mitigation, scanty dark urine, yellow greasy moss, pulse a few moisten. Heat and dampness. And analgesic
5. kidney deficiency syndrome back pain: back pain and knees, like massage, knee weakness, pain endlessly, lying is reduced, even the nocturnal emission, impotence, urine long or is not solid, pale tongue, weak pulse. Kidney Qi.
6. Kidney Yin Deficiency: low back pain and knees, upset, insomnia, forgetfulness and more dreams, dry mouth and throat, hot flashes, night sweats, nocturnal emission men, women’s sexual dreams, urine short yellow, red tongue, pulse breakdown. Nourishing yin.
7. deficiency syndrome: back pain, cold, waist and knees, hands and feet cold, temperature pain relief, looking Koushi white, shortness of breath, or urine retention urine long, pale tongue, white, weak pulse Chenhuan . Warming kidney. 
Acupuncture treatments of choice points: yaoyan, dachangshu, weizhong, yaoyangguan, geshu, mingmen, zhishi, ashi. Of dampness and Moxibustion; blood stasis cupping; kidney deficiency syndrome acupoints fill method, deficiency plus moxibustion. Information about the acupuncture treatment of back painPlease call Adelaide Yihong Acupuncture Clinic or visit our website at